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Not a Toy – Its Seriously a Fantastic Training Tool

Improve your gridiron skills with our football on a string!
Gridiron, or American football, is fast-paced game where passing and kicking are primary skills. A prolate spheroid in terms of shape, the ball used is unique to the game and it is therefore important to have the correct ball during practice sessions. Here at That Training Ball, we have a football on a string that is perfect for budding gridiron players.
Made from top quality, 3 ply pro grip material, this training tool is made to last for many years – and as a full size ball it is perfect for players from the age of 13 years onwards. With the help of this ball, you will be able to practice all the skills that are crucial to succeed on the gridiron field, such as punt kicking, kicking, catching and passing. This football on a string toy attaches comfortably to either wrist, and for throwing and passing drills it can be attached to anything above head height that is secure. The ball is also fitted with a metal swivel so that it can spin whilst being passed.
Many customers have found that these football on a string toys are far more than just a toy – they are a legitimate training tool that can produce amazing results in a relatively short amount of time. The beauty of these products is seen in the fact that you can practice every drill effectively, even when you are training alone. If you would like to find out more about how this football on a string toy works, make sure you check out our videos!