Kick n Catch

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It’s the Best Football Training Tool

Help your child succeed with a Kick n Catch ball

If your little one loves football, a Kick n Catch ball is the perfect way to help them develop their skills. Attached to their wrist via a durable bungee cord, they can help to improve hand/eye coordination, sensory coordination and also confidence in terms of handling the ball. They can be used to practice all core footy skills, including kicking, passing, throwing, handballing and also bouncing – and they allow your child to do so even when they are alone. The Kick n Catch ball will help your child gain the skills that they need to progress in the sport they love.

Made from a top quality 2.5 mm cushioned PVC material, these balls are simply a smaller version of the AFL training balls, and are ideal for children between the ages of 3 and 6 years. They are water resistant and made to last, no matter how often your child practices. However, perhaps the best thing about the Kick n Catch ball is the fact that it is attached to your child, as this means that the ball cannot be kicked over the fence or out onto the road. Ultimately, this is a much safer option for small children, and you don’t have to worry about balls getting lost.The Kick n Catch ball is available in blue, red or pink, so you can select a colour that your child loves. If you are looking for the perfect birthday or Christmas gift, place an order today!