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AFL Practice Tee


Learn to Kick Straight with Power and Accuracy with a AFL Football Tee

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Product Description

Learn to Kick Straight with Power and Accuracy.

If you want to learn to Kick and Kick Straight, then this Football Training Tee is going to Solve your kicking problems.

AFL coaches are now starting to take this tee more seriously. In the future, we see players using a kicking tee to kick goals during a game.

The AFL kicking  tee is a Fantastic coaching aid, the MOOSE kicking tee enables players to experience how it feels to kick the ball properly and that amazing feeling of kicking a ball right on the sweet spot, then watching the ball travel further than you have ever kicked a footy. The accuracy of a backwards spinning kick, end-over-end is a perfect result for any player. The practice football tee  is a perfect training aid to teach younger junior players, how to kick a Aussie Rules Football ball correctly.

Based on the drop punt, MOOSE football tee is uniquely designed to enable the perfect connection between a player’s boot and the ball’s correct contact point. The result is a More Accurate and Longer Projection of the ball from a stationary position.


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