Junior Skillmaster Training Aid


Skillmaster is the ultimate Cricket training aid for any young player wanting to perfect their craft.

Just you and your Skillmaster are all that is needed to take your game to the next level.

With regular use, you should notice an overall improvement in your skills and overall confidence.

Product Includes:

Includes 1 Blister Pack
Includes 1 Incrediball for Batting with a 1.3 Metre Cord
Includes 1 Incrediball for Fielding with a 2.5 Metre Cord
Includes 1 Junior Skillmaster Belt
Includes 2 Extrusions (1 Large Extrusion for Batting and 1 Small Extrusion for Fielding)

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The Skillmaster Cricket training aid will enable you to practice and improve the following techniques:

  • Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Reflexes
  • Footwork
  • Fielding & Catching
  • Batting Technique
  • Bowling Technique
  • Concentration
  • Overall, Balance
  • Shot Timing
  • Agility
  • Motor Skills

Important Information Before Using The Skillmaster

Before you start to use the Skillmaster, you must be in full Cricket gear as if you were going out to bat which is a Cricket Helmet, Cricket Gloves, Cricket Pads, Box, Thigh Pad.

When starting to use the Skillmaster always start at low impact for Batting and Fielding.

*This will determine the speed at which the Incrediball comes back to you.

*Allow a 2–3-minute warm-up to assist with eye and hand coordination.

*Always train within your ability level and at the level that makes you feel comfortable.

Another factor determining the speed of the return of the Incrediball is the length of the cord you can continually adjust the cord to find the appropriate cord length.

*The Skillmaster comes with two extrusions (One large extrusion for Batting and One smaller extrusion for Fielding)

NEVER train with the SKILLMASTER wearing glasses.

DO NOT attempt training drills beyond your Cricket skills or capacity.


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