Practice Soccer Ball Size 5 – Training Football – DELUXE Model BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT – Players Aged 11 to Adult

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Build Champion Soccer Football Skills FAST…

To Be The Best Player YOU Can Be….

Full Size 5 Soccer Training Ball

IMPORTANT: If you purchase any training ball between 15 Dec and 19 Dec, your package will be EXPRESS POSTED to your desired address

For Players age 12 years to Adult

  • Practice Kicking for Goals, Passing, Catching at Home or in the Park
  • The Soccer Training Ball will NOT go over the Fence
  • The Training ball will NOT go on the Road
  • The BEST Football Gift for any Teenager or Adult Soccer player
  • Coaches and Clubs should seriously consider this football as part of the Soccer Training Equipment purchased this season
  • We sell the Largest Range of real true Training Footballs in the world.
  • Ball comes with the bungee cord attached and comfortable wrist band.
  • Deluxe Pass Master comes with 2 x chrome swivels, this stops any twisting of bungee cord.
  • Practice Kicking for Goal, Passing, all Goal Keeping Skills and much more.
  • If you player Soccer… this Soccer Training Football, is a MUST have.

The Soccer training football, has been designed for Players to Master the different skills a player needs to play football. For young players this training ball will help YOU develop YOUR Hand/Eye Coordination, Confidence and Sensory Coordination Skills, such as kicking, passing, throwing and dribbling.

The Bungee Cord that is attached to the ball measures 1.9m and will stretch to 4m when kicked.

The Deluxe Pass Master Soccer Training Ball comes with 2 swivels. One located on the wrist band and the other close to the ball. This completely stops the bungee cord from twisting and allows greater longevity of the bungee cord.
Practice your kicking, kicking for goal, passing while on the run, heading the ball, as well as many other soccer ball skills. This is a brilliant way to increase your total all round soccer skills.

High quality hand stitched ball, made of 3 ply, 2.5mm cushioned PVC synthetic leather ball with Butyl Bladder for longer air retention. Attached to the soccer ball is a 1.9m length of durable high quality bungee cord and 2 x metal chrome swivels, fitted between the comfortable wrist strap and the ball. This will stop any twisting of the cord.
The Amazing Benefits of the Skills Training Soccer ball:

  • Soccer Training Ball will NOT go over Fence… or on the Road
  • Practice throwing the ball with power and accuracy
  • Dribbling and kicking for goals with power and accuracy
  • Kicking out from goals
  • Goalies quickly develop impressive catching and kicking skills
  • Players quickly increase their skills on their own
  • Increase players skills, means increased player confidence
  • Coaches & Parents will be Amazed how QUICKLY Players Skills Increase
  • A Fantastic coaching tool.
  • For clubs, a training ball should be considered as part of the Soccer Training Equipment purchased this year
  • Fantastic Gift for Children, Teenagers and Adults playing football

The Pass Master Soccer Training Ball comes in 3 x Sizes:

  • Size 3  Ball is the smallest official ball used by  U-6, U-7, & U-8: Its the official soccer ball for toddlers and young children.  Circumference of 23-24 inches & weight of 11-12 ounce.
  • Size 4 Ball is used by U-9, U-10, & U-11: Standard soccer ball for kids aged between 9 and 11 years old. It has a circumference of 25-26 inches & weight of 11-13 ounce.
  • Sze 5 Ball is used by U-12, U-13 & up: The regulation size soccer ball, size 5, is played by youth players when they reach the age of 12. Size 5 is also the ball used in high school soccer.



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  1. admin

    I originally bought my niece Amy a soccer ball on a rope years ago, because as a Coach I wanted her to practice both her intercepts and her defence and this is a hard skill to practice by yourself (as opposed to say just shooting goals). I am very excited to see your product on the market and at a very affordable price too, I think it is an awesome product and I think a lot of players would get a lot from having one at home. The one I have just ordered if for my daughters who are keen to get their hands on it!

  2. admin

    Very easy and speedy transaction. Thank you

  3. admin

    kids love it

  4. admin

    Love it! Thank you

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