That Training Ball Company is located in Sydney, Australia.
We stock the Largest Range of Skilled Training Footballs in the world.Skills Training footballs for:

  • Aussie Rules – AFL
  • Rugby Union
  • Rugby League
  • Soccer
  • Gridiron, American Football – Presently out of stock

All the Ross Faulkner training footballs are Australian designed, built tough to last. That Training Ball Company is 100% Australian owned and located in Sydney, Australia.

My name is Greg Goodieson, and I’ve been the President of the Largest AFL Junior Football Club in Sydney. I have over 25 years of being involved with AFL in Sydney, helping run two very large AFL clubs. East Sydney Juniors and UNSW AFL Bulldogs. I have held every position including Sponsorship Coordinator, Ground Manager Canteen, and BBQ.

In 2017, I was awarded – Sydney AFL Volunteer of the Year. In the same year, awarded a UNSW Blue Award for contribution the UNSW Sport.

I have been an assistant coach, and know first hand the problems coaches face, both at training and on game day. I have seen players that have lacked confidence and ability… But once a player is given a Training Ball and with a little practice.. this is now a thing of the past.

After only a few minutes of kicking and catching the training ball, you will never hear again, I don’t know how to play football, I don’t know how to kick a football or I don’t know how to catch a football. Watch with Amazement, in just 20 minutes… any player, can and will learn the basic football skills.

  • The Training Ball is All about Helping Players
  • To Succeed in SPORT.
  • To be the BEST Player they can be…
  • Confident, Happy, Winning!!!

If you’re Serious about Improving your Football Skills… Just choose from the range of Ross Faulkner training footballs available on the That Training Ball website.

If your not sure what to call these footballs. We have heard people call them many names such as… Training football, come back ball, football trainer, ball on a string, ball on a rope, trainer ball, we don’t care what you call them. We just call them AFL, Soccer, Rugby or Rugby League training balls.

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