That Training Ball Company
Stocks theLargest Range of Skilled Training Footballs in the world.

Skills Training footballs for:

  • Aussie Rules – AFL
  • Rugby Union
  • Rugby League
  • Soccer
  • Gridiron, American Football
  • Plus the NEW Golf Training Ball
  • Kick and Catch Range of ball for Kids 3 to 6 years.

All the Training Footballs are Australian Designed, the That Training Ball Company is 100% Australian Owned, Located in Sydney, Australia. My name is Greg Goodieson, and I’ve been the President of the Largest AFL Junior Football Club in Sydney, Australia. I am now Treasurer and Registrar of the University New South Wales – Eastern Suburbs (UNSW-ES Bulldogs) AFL club here in Sydney.

I have been an assistant coach, and know first hand the problems coaches face, both at training and on game day. I have seen players that have lacked confidence and ability… But once given a Training Ball and with a little practice.. this is now a thing of the past.

After only a few minutes of kicking and catching the training ball, you will never hear again, I don’t know how to play football, I don’t know how to kick a football or I don’t know how to catch a football. Watch with Amazement in just 20 minutes… any player can and will learn the basic football skills.

  • The Training Ball Is All About Helping Players
  • Succeed In SPORT.
  • To Be The BEST Player They Can Be…
  • Confident, Happy, Winning!!!

If you’re Serious about Improving your Football Skills… Just choose from the range of Mark Master, Pass Master and Kick N Catch training footballs available on the That Training Ball website.