Instructions Inflation of Footballs & Wrists Band placement
Inflation Instructions:

When inflating the AFL training balls, you will require a minimum 36mm long needle. A shorter needle may not inflate these footballs.

When inflating the One Touch Rugby and Rugby League training balls you can use any length inflation needle.

The needle needs to be lubricated and pushed firmly into the valve (you may feel some resistance, but you need to penetrate the seal). Once through the seal the valve will open and you can start pumping the air into the ball.

IMPORTANT: Things Not To Do with the training ball.Spinning the training balls around and around (like a helicopter). This will stress the bungee cord and the cord will break over time. Young kids love doing this. There is no warranty against this action.

2. Kicking a ball at short range at another person.

3. Do not allow the bungee cord to be wrapped around the body or head.

4. The training ball is a training device and Not a Toy, when used correctly, it will last a very long time.

If you would like further information about any of the skills training footballs, or have any questions about shipment, multiple purchases or the discounts we offer to schools and clubs, please use the link below:That Training Ball
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