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The Best Selling, Australian Rules Training Football and Auskick training ball. Perfect Christmas Gift.

Best Selling AFL Training Footballs

2016 was a very successful year for

The company increased its focus more towards junior football clubs across all codes of football. AFL, Auskick, Soccer, Rugby and Rugby League.

Many clubs during the year requested thattrainingball make a visit to their clubs on training night or on game day. This allows the clubs have something different that caters for the players and mums & dads on game day. Mums and dads get to see and touch and even use a training ball before they buy one.

But most of the time… the junior players bombard me and request they use the demo balls we have. Within minutes, parents can see a change in their sons or daughter’s reaction times, confidence and football skills. It’s normal to see a suddenly increase in skills… even after using the training ball for just a few minutes.

Parents see firsthand, a product that works. It’s so simple and easy to use, that’s why we at that training ball, believe in our training balls.

A training ball allows a new player to quickly develop fantastic football skills in just a matter of minutes. That’s great for the player, perfect for the coach of the team and fantastic for the club. Players gain more confidence, parents feel their sons and daughters are part of the team and more games are Won. In January 2015 Cathy and I took another trip to Asia. AFL is expanding quickly in some Asian countries and we wanted to meet the Presidents of both the junior and senior clubs at the Thailand Tigers – Phil Stevens, Cambodian Eagles – Glenn Miller and Vietnam Swan – Phil Johns.

These clubs need help in many ways, requiring footballs, footy equipment, footy grounds, more coaches etc. That Training Ball donated a number of Mark Master, Aussie Rules Training Balls to each club, as we know that the Mark Master Training Ball is perfect for training any new player wanting to play AFL.Many of the locals in these countries want to play Aussie Rules Footy, but the clubs are finding it very difficult to cater for players who don’t have the basic skills to kick and catch a football. This is where a Mark Master AFL training ball works so well for those New Players and takes the pressure off the coaches of these clubs. The players can practice at home or in a park and quickly gain those most vital skills needed to play Aussie Rules Football. A player will learn very quickly to Kick, Catch, Bounce and Handball an Aussie Rules Football.

Our Asian Trip was a success in many ways and we look forward to helping our new friends once their footy season starts later in the year.Its been a fantastic few months for That Training Ball. We have done a lot of travelling in the last few months, showing off the Mark Master, AFL training balls to both Auskick &Junior AFL clubs across Australia and Asia.

In April we visited Myanmar (Burma) and travelled up the Irrawaddy River for 8 days.While travelling up the river, we stopped at some of the poorer village to meet the kids in the village and taught them the basic AFL skills and donated some Mark Master AFL footballs. It didn’t take the kids long to pick up how to kick and catch a footy. This is probably the first time an AFL football has been seen in Myanmar.

We flew across to Bangkok to meet up with the Bangkok Auskick and Junior AFL coordinator Phil Stevens. He does an amazing job, getting junior football up and running in Bangkok. We donated some Mark Master AFL training balls to him, so he can quickly skill those kids wanting to play Aussie Rules in Thailand.
In May, That Training Ball was invited to attend East Sydney Juniors, St Ives Juniors and then to Drummoyne Power Juniors at Five Dock Oval where 3 players from the Swans spent the whole morning, umpiring, signing autographs, teaching ball skills and awarding team awards. Rhyce Shaw, Sam Reid and Ben McGlynn did a fabulous job.

Then we travelled to Adelaide – Blackwood Football Club, who now use the Size 2 AFL training ball. Then up to Mildura to meet with personnel who run Auskick and Junior footy in the South Mildura, Red Cliff and Irymple Juniors AFL footy clubs. Their junior players, now use the Mark Master AFL training ball.If you live in these areas and you play Junior AFL or Auskick and would like to purchase a Mark Master AFL Training Ball, please contact.

Kerry Scobie, South Mildura Juniors Football Club Deering, Macedon Auskick,

Tim Webstar Manor Lakes Auskick,

Australian Rules football is the one of the most popular games played here in Australia, especially in the southern states. Children and adults of all ages play this iconic game, whether it be for fun or in a competitive league. No matter what stage of development you are at, there is always room for improvement when it comes to core skills such as kicking and handballing. We offer a range of AFL training balls that provide the perfect way to practice these skills anytime, anywhere.Our training balls are more than just an AFL ball on a string – they are a legitimate way to practice and improve your skills. We have provided many demonstrations at footy clubs around the country, and coaches have been very impressed with just how quickly a child can improve with a little help from an AFL training football.

This fantastic product comes in a range of difference sizes to suit varying ages, from little Auskick champions, right through to the big kids who are looking to make their passion a profession. There are many advantages to training with an AFL ball on a string. Being attached to your wrist, the ball cannot go over the fence or out on the road, eliminating the need to climb over the neighbour’s fence or dodge cars.Our authentic AFL training football is made from high quality 3 ply PVC, making it water resistant and extremely durable. If you would like to know a little more about how this product works, make sure you take a look at our videos.