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The One Touch AFL Training Ball makes the Perfect Gift and training aid for any woman or teenage girl playing AFL footy.

The size 4 Woman’s football is the official AFL size and weight leather football.  Size 4 ball is used for all U14s and over, including adult women’s games.

Increase YOUR footy Skill FAST!!!
Perfect Training Aid for Developing ALL Aspects Of Your Game

The One Touch will Dramatically Increases:
Hand/Eye Co-ordination

Important: If training at home, this ball will not go over the fence or on the road.

Endorsed by the AFL Super Star and Geelong Captain: – Joel Selwood

One Touch football instructions are provide. 

POSTAGE is by Australia Post and Tracking Number is provided. 

Orders are dispatched within 12hrs.


Customizing your pack / Adjusting Rubber tether for your height
The ball must be touching the ground when standing upright with your OneTouch pack on, if the ball is hanging freely or not touching ground, your rubber tether is too SHORT, if your ball is touching the ground and you have a lot of extra slack in the rubber tether, this means your rubber tether is too LONG. When adjusting the rubber tether it must be straight and be line with your body, with your OneTouch pack on whilst the ball is touching the ground, minimal slack is required for best results in the rubber, the straighter the rubber the better it is. This is customizing your pack for your height.

*Perfect length, rubber straight down

*Good length, little slack in rubber

*Too short, ball not touching ground

*Too Long, too much slack in rubber

#adjusting the rubbers length for a person’s height is done at the football end of the rubber tether.

This is achieved by moving the 3 x small rubber clamps which are holding the folded part of the rubber tether, which attaches to the footballs connection. Allow at least 5cm to 10cm of folded rubber to hold football.1. Slide 3 x small rubbers up the rubber tether to the height position you desire

1. Slide 3 x small rubbers up the rubber tether to the height position you desire

2. Slide the end of the rubber tether further through the footballs attachments loop, and double over at desired height

3. Replace 3 x small rubber clamps’; making sure this is done correctly.

(*If your rubber is too short you’ll need a new rubber, if it is too long you need to shorten your rubber
Correct 5cm to 10cm of folded rubber.





2. Shortening rubber for handball practice

Shortening the rubber tether for handball practice is done at the back of the buckle clip on your OneTouch pack, after kicking with a customize length rubber, you can shorten the rubber, by pulling the rubber tether from the back of the buckle connection.

Standard Handpass

Extreme Handpass

1. Undo your chest pack clip, then grabbing the rubber from the back of the buckle clip and pull the rubber lifting the ball up off the ground so the ball is free hanging at waist or at arm’s length from the body, for a standard handball length.

(Can be shortened even closer to the body for faster and more extreme in close handball skills)

2. When you have the desired length, the end piece of the rubber tether which should be in your hand has a wedge inside it; this wedge is used to lock your rubber tether into place.

By pushing the end of the rubber back into the back of the buckle where the main rubber slides in and out, it’s a tight fit push hard, need to lock rubber into place so it doesn’t slide back and forth whilst in play.

3. Reconnect your buckle, and give the rubber tether a pull from the front of the buckle just to make sure wedge has locked into place.

4. Excess rubber after shortening can be then placed and folded into the D clip provided on the left shoulder strap.

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