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Best Selling Soccer Training Ball in Australia

Soccer training balls for all ages

The Pass Master Soccer Training Ball is the BEST Selling Football in Australia and It’s ONLY Sold Online.

The secret to happy, healthy, well-skilled kids – the soccer training ball

We all know that our children need regular exercise, and for kids who are great at sports, that’s easy. But for some kids, building sports skills takes time and can lead to them losing confidence rather than building it, and wanting to spend less time playing sport rather than more.

Helping our children build key Football Skills

So here’s the Good News – you don’t need to spend a fortune on coaching, or investing in expensive football training equipment. You don’t even have to spend hours playing football with your kid to help him or her build those all, important basic football skills. All you need is… just a Pass Master Soccer Training Ball!

For those young players, who are not so good at playing football, the training ball is a very good confidence builder and a skill developer, it’s in fact a Must Have piece of training equipment for any new footballer.

For those players who are mad keen on football, the football on a string know as a training ball, will become your best friend, and will take you to the next level, learning specialist football skills is made really easy and very quick. The Great thing about this training ball is… it come Back to YOU!!! No wasted time running after the ball. Players just have FUN practicing and playing with this training ball.

How does a soccer training ball work?

Simply place the wrist band on the wrist and start kicking the ball. If a player kicks with his Right Foot, he or she places the wrist band on their Right Wrist, If you kick with Left foot, place the wrist band on the Left Wrist. Very Simple, Very Quick and Easy.

There are 7 proven Benefits of a soccer training ball:

Players become more confident with ball skills
Increased confidence when playing football.
Increased reaction times, giving quicker responses during the game.
Dramatic increases your football skills and ‘tricks’
Increase hand-eye coordination, not just for soccer but in all areas of life
Ball doesn’t go over the fence or fly out onto the road
Player becomes the Best Player they can be

But there’s more – a training ball is great for the whole family

Players can practice at home
Players won’t lose the ball over the fence and annoy the neighbors
The ball doesn’t escape down the road, putting kids at risk
Because the player can control the ball completely, kids start to relax and enjoy their football ‘training’ because it feels like Fun
Parents and coaches see dramatic and swift increases in football skills
Players with a soccer training ball will increase their Hand Eye Coordination, Confidence and Boost Self-esteem.

Who buys a football on a string?

Being good at sport is so crucial for success at school and being popular with your peer group is also a big thing. Parents of young players want to ensure their son or daughter, get the best opportunities to be picked in the team. Many parents around the world have now learned that a simple football on a string, can Help their Children become a far Better player, they gain more Confidence and become far more Proficient at all ball sports.

Whether boy or girl, teenager or adult, we’ve got a specialist soccer training ball for you. The Soccer Training Balls now come in 3 sizes. Size 3, 4 or 5. The Pass Master Soccer Training Ball will Help boost player confidence and deliver the kind of goal scoring (or goal saving!) footy skills that makes kids feel good about themselves. With a professionally designed training ball for ages, our brilliant training aid continues to develop key athletic skills in children throughout their lives, giving them the ability to kick a ball, catch it, master the all-important ‘header’ or field goal shots with confidence. It even teaches players how to throw in a ball, so that every aspect of the game is developed and enhanced without the need to have coaching or group training.

Our Pass Master soccer balls are a 3 ply 2.5 mm cushioned synthetic leather ball that are hand-stitched to be robust and long-lasting. We’re proud to be an Australian company and we deliver across Australia and overseas. If you’d like us to ship overseas, please call Greg on

M 0490388954 or email so we can give you an accurate quote.

Soccer training equipment Australia – giving all kids the confidence to play soccer

Ready to Help your Kids excel in Sport – Order a Soccer Training Ball TODAY!