6 Basic Skills That Your Soccer Enthusiast Child Should Learn

Before your child starts playing any sport, it’s important to help them in learning the general skills and prepare them for the game. This is especially true even when it is soccer and experts in this game recommend to review a few basic skills to make your child become successful in any soccer program.

1. Dribbling

Take your child to the park or the playground or even in the backyard. The dribbling consists of moving the ball back and forth with your feet and letting the player maneuver the ball across the field, and move it through the opponent players.

2. Passing the Ball

Next, you have to teach your child how to pass soon after buying the soccer balls online. Sometimes it’s tough for the young players to give up the ball. So, explain to your child that passing the ball to other team members help to score more goals. It will be a great thing to teach the pass by kicking the ball at the wall. In this way, your child will learn to deliver and receive a pass.

3. Basic Ball Holding Skills

Once you get the possession, the other side will try to take the ball back. So, if the player hangs onto the ball under pressure, he will get the time to make better decisions, which includes finding a teammate to pass the ball. Ask your child to work on holding the ball by using simple pullbacks, rolls and other touches to shield the ball.

4. Shooting

learning how to pass should come before learning the skills to shoot the ball. Since the passing will brush the kick controlling and make the aim more precious, it will develop the base to score the goals. However, don’t forget to get the right equipment from our soccer training ball store.

5.Ball-stealing Skills

While playing in a group, it becomes easier to make children learn ball-stealing techniques. The first thing they have to know is basic footwork and some delaying tactics. A player should know that time is defender’s friend, and speed is the attacker’s friend. So, as soon as the player gets a number of teammates to make the stealing easier, the player should keep on delaying. The second skill is standing tackle followed by the shoulder charge.

6. Attacking Skills

It’s important that the player should the whole width of the pitch. Spreading out when you’re attacking is the basic tactic since it can pull the opposition defender out of the position by letting them create gaps. And the players of your team can exploit and get time to shoot.

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