AFL Practice Match Balls- 4 Top Sellers From “That Training Ball.”

Aiming to take your AFL play skills to the next level?

And, gain more confidence, employment and skills?

You’re in luck. That Training Ball- home to quality sporting accessories, offers you the largest range of AFL training balls in all sizes (1-5) as per Oz rules suited to your practice needs. Our training balls are robust and made to last the distance.

What’s more… no more pestering your brother, dad, mom or sister and dragging them to the playing field. Instead; our quality AFL trainer balls allows you to hone in on your playing skills at home or back yard. You can train solo for hours (and hours) according to your own pace.

A Glance At 4 of Our AFL Practice Match Balls:-

i.AFL Leather Match Ball For Seniors- (Size 5 From Kangaroo Brand).

To achieve real match practice; you require a real match training ball. Fortunately; for you, this AFL leather match ball-size 5 is tailored for 16-60-year-old players wanting to polish their play skills.

It comes at an affordable price of $169.95, and if you choose to buy AFL football; you also get the benefit of free shipping.

ii.AFL Leather Match Ball For Men/Women 14-16 Years (Size 4 From Sherrin)

This training ball is best suited for players who are 14-16 years of age and comes in a standard size 4. This comes in two exciting colours, namely Red and Yellow, at an affordable cost of $134.95.

The material used for its making is hard-wearing leather and thus perfect for intense practice sessions- be it on the field or in the backyard.

iii.AFL Leather Football For Players 11-13 Years (Size 3 From Mark Master)

This exceptional AFL practice match ball is suited for players 11-13 years of age comes with a bungee cord approx 1.5 m long and width of approx 3.2m when it is kicked.

This latest AFL leather football from Mark Master is hard-wearing and water-resistant owing to quality 3 ply PVC. This practice ball is perfect for performing the following drills such as:-

  • Bouncing the ball
  • Hand passing
  • Kicking the ball for the goal
  • Perfecting kicks with both right and left foot.

It also benefits players by helping them perfect their hand-eye coordination, sensory coordination skills and proper ball marking. The cost of this AFL practice ball is $55.00.

iv.AFL Leather Football For Players 5-10 Years (Size 2 From Sherrin)

This durable AFL football training ballcomes in red and is suitable for players 4-10 years of age. For those young players wanting to perfect their game skills, this practice ball helps them enhance:-

  • Their left and right kick.
  • Ball handling.
  • Ball marking.
  • Increasing reaction speed.
  • Confidence.
  • And how to bounce the ball skillfully (a common issue with most young players).

All balls are fresh and ready for play. Plus, they come at a cost-effective price of $99.00.

A Wrap-Up

That Training Ball’ gives utmost importance to quality. And for that, all products are quality tested prior to making it accessible to buyers.

Furthermore, each of their prices is as per the industry standards, thus ensuring you don’t blow your wallet while purchasing.

If you are impressed with these four, get in touch @0490 388 954 for a free non-obligatory quote.

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