So, your son loves football. Nothing’s surprising about that as there are millions who share a soft corner towards this sport. But with x-mas around the corner- “How Can You Make This Event More Memorable For Him?”

Simple- by presenting him an all-new soccer training ball- an ideal football training equipment which will help improve his game immensely. These training balls are downright popular amongst those who can’t stop from keeping their feet off their football. It’s a new trend, which, with time will only increase in its popularity.

Read closely at the plummeting points. It will make it clear why these soccer training balls can be a great gift for your little superstar.

Game Improvement:


Be it your son or anyone who shares a similar love for the game; the aim is all the same- improve one’s game. Our soccer training balls are designed for this very purpose.

Your son only needs to wrap it around his wrist and start kicking. With this equipment; he can achieve close to 10,000 kicks and gain better control over the ball. And since ball control is a crucial aspect of the game, it will do a world of good for his game improvement.

Increases Speed And Ability to Respond:


Speed foot movement and ability to respond to quick ball movements are also crucial if one wishes to better their game. Our training balls are designed to be durable and long-lasting. Your son can juggle, kick, swivel at quick pace and polish up their footy skills immensely.

Your son also gets better in perception, timing, leg-ball coordination and sightability. Importantly, our soccer training ball on rope also improves your son’s kinesthetic abilities, retrieval techniques and sensitivity to the sound of kicking the football.

The Ball Doesn’t Go Over The Fence Or Onto The Road:


Another great aspect about soccer training balls on a string is that they don’t fly off over the fence into the neighbours lawn or rolls onto the main road. It’s very easy to get all engrossed in the game, especially for a little kid- case in point your son.

When using our training soccer balls, they won’t need to fetch it from a possible busy street- thus preventing any chance of them getting injured or worse. Furthermore, by using our designed soccer training ball; your kid can practice with it in their backyard or even indoors.

It is the perfect equipment to take your son’s training to a whole different level.

Capping Off:


X-mas is that time of the year where happiness is a cause to celebrate. And the best way to bring about happiness on your son is presenting them a quality football training ball on a string.

At ‘That Training Ball’, we offer training balls on a string of all sizes and at budget-friendly rates. So, if you wish to procure quality training ball (be it size 3 or size 5), feel free to check our wide-ranging product catalogue.

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