Circuit Training With Rugby Ball – A Synopsis

One of the most effective ways of increasing agility in rugby players is subjecting them under rugby circuit training.This particular training is carried out with the ball and comprises the following exercises: 

  • Leftside Ball Pass 
  • Rightside Ball Pass 
  • Overhead Ball Pass 
  • Side Shuttles with Cone or Pass Touch 
  • Forward Shuttles with up and down 

What is the Purpose of this Drill? 

The primary objective of this training is to improve the cardiovascular fitness of the player, more so when it comes to carrying the ball during match situations. Besides, it also helps to minimise the reaction time and improve the ball skills while performing under high-intensity pressure in a game. 

Let is explain

Left Side Medicine Ball Pass: In this particular part of the drill the trainee will stand with a partner a couple of metres away to his or her left. Now the trainee is supposed to throw the ball across the body to the partner, and change the position before the partner throws the ball back to the partner. The drill has to be repeated for 40 seconds. Now the swiftness with which the drill has to be conducted itself implies your need to buy training rugby ball that is lightweight enough to help the trainee deal with the ball with ease. 

 Right side ball pass: In this part of the drill, the trainee is to stand with his or her partner a few metres away to the right. Now similarly, as in the previous case, the trainee will throw the ball across the body to the partner and move the position, before the partner throws the ball back to the trainee. Again, the drill is repeated for 40 seconds. 

Overhead ball pass:  Now the trainee will stand facing his or her partner a few metres away. Now the partner will throw the ball over the head to the partner,  and move away, before the partner throws the ball back to the partner overhead. This drill has to be repeated for 40 seconds again. 

Side shuttles with pass: This drill starts between two cones that are about 3 to 4 metres apart. Now the trainee will run out to one of the cones, receive the ball and offload it as quickly as possible to the partner, and then side shuttle back to the opposite cone. Now the trainer will yet again receive and offload the ball and repeat the drill for 40 seconds. 

Forward shuttles with up-down. In this drill, three cones are placed in a triangle at a distance of about 3 to 4 metres apart). The trainee will start from the top of the triangle, and perform a fast feet run down towards one of the cones and perform a burpee. Following it, the trainee will sprint back to the starting cone. Now the drill will have to be repeated  on the opposite side, with alternating drills between the cones for 40 seconds. 

Thus you see, in this type of drill, there is always a need for high quality rugby training equipment.

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