How Can a Ross Faulkner AFL Ball Make of a Good Rugby Player?

Every sport has evolved over time. Rugby is no different. Rugby games have grown increasingly competitive these days and this implies a ground reality, that there is essentially no room for any error whatsoever. Thus, when it comes to training and learning the skills of the game, you must be perfect. 

Yes, it is essential that you get training from the best coach and you be sincere in your approach, but it is also necessary that you train with the right training ball. There is no denying the fact that a quality training ball goes a long way in the making of a perfect player in a particular sport, and it is the same with rugby.

Ross Faulkner Afl Ball

Why is a perfect rugby training ball of so importance to a trainee?  

A player must practise diligently and flawlessly in order to attain the maximum degree of proficiency and excel. These days, of course, training equipment is crucial to a player’s development. 

These days, athletic equipment is crucial, even for peak performance. For this reason, a rugby ball is essential for both judging the calibre of a game and enhancing a player’s performance during a match. In actuality, a rugby player’s ability to handle the ball depends heavily on the rugby ball’s quality. That is where, practising with Ross Faulkner AFL Ball for men is so crucial. 

What difference does a good training ball make? 

One of the most vital components of a rugby ball is its bladder, and in a top quality training ball, the bladder comes with unquestionable quality. Probably the most important factor in deciding a rugby ball’s performance is its bladder. Depending on how the ball is to be used, numerous types and sizes of bladders are available. Match and training balls have always been made with a natural latex bladder, which has excellent resilience and produces a ball with strong rebound properties. The drawback of a natural latex bladder is that air can travel through its permeable surface, which means the balls must be properly re-inflated roughly once a week. That is why advanced co-polymer bladders are now more frequently used in top notch training (as well as match) balls. 

The Ross Faulkner AFL balls come with the best bladder, contributing to the ball’s longevity. 

Ross Faulkner Afl Ball

The Valve and its placement

In addition to giving a rugby ball the ability to be inflated, the valve is crucial to the ball’s functionality. In essence, the valve is a weight that causes an imbalance.  This has the potential to improve or worsen the ball’s performance.  The ball will rotate more freely if the valve is positioned and built properly, as in a premium training ball. This will improve the spiral movement of the ball, increasing passing and kicking accuracy and distance.  When compared to a match ball, the accuracy and distance can be decreased by lower-quality training balls due to valve imbalances that counteract spiral movement. 

This is another area where top quality training balls like Ross Faulkner AFL balls for ladies just as their counterparts meant for men excel. 

So the next time you plan to buy a rugby training ball from a sporting goods store, consider the Ross Faulkner AFL balls and the best online store to look for them is That Training Ball. Call us to place your order. 

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