How Passing Drills and Training Are Influenced by One Touch Rugby Ball?

Rugby, being a power and body contact game demands a very high level of stamina, power, precision and split second instincts from the players, if they are to excel. Thus, when the budding players train to grow up as professionals, they train hard and intensely and during these training sessions, the training balls play a pivotal role in helping the trainees master the skills of passing the balls in the right way and at the right split second. On this page, let us discuss how the One Touch Ross Faulkner AFL Ball for kids helps in mastering the passing skills.

The Basic Passes

As the name suggests, this is all about the contribution of the ball in mastering the basic pass in rugby. While performing the basic pass, the player would start with the ball in his or her both hands and firmly grip the ball with widely opened fingers for controlling it. This is where the material of the ball will come into play. The matte finish of the One Touch AFL ball and its compactness will go a long way, helping the trainees master the art of gripping the ball firmly, even while in the move and ensuring the possession is not lost in the commotion with the defenders of the opponent team.

The same concept comes into play when it is all about passing the ball towards another player. There has to be a quick and full swing of the arm at the direction of the recipient and again, the grip of the ball and hence, the material will come into play. The release has to be at the right blink of moment, thus ensuring that the ball gets the right elevation, right speed and the right thrust to reach the intended recipient

The Switch Passes

To master Swiss passes, the trainees need to be accurate, judge the balance of their body and the weight that is needed to be transferred to their shoulder to produce the needed thrust. Thus, once again, the thrust thus needed depends on the weight, size and the grip of the ball. When a trainee uses One Touch Football to train, the weight, the compactness and the overall feel of the ball ensure that the trainee does not have to engage much thrust, and thus, this helps them to master the passing skills pretty fast. Moreover, the quality of the ball will determine the height or elevation that the trainee must give to the ball for it to reach its intended target. This pass is often performed to outwit the opponent and hence the timing has to be perfect and the margin of error has to be nil, to retain that element of surprise. Thus, the ball plays a pivotal role.

The Pop Passes

As the name suggests, this is all about passing the ball either from left to right or vice versa from right behind a teammate whilst being concealed till the last moment. Thus once again, the player has to have complete control over the ball, and in this, the One Touch Rugby Ball and its quality, weight and compactness will make immense difference.

So, a quality ball is extremely important when it comes to mastering the passing skills. So call That Training Ball as we sell the best rugby training balls online for kids. Call us now or write to us to place your order.

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