How Soccer Trainer (Size-5) Ups Your Freestyle Game

Being a freestyle player, it is difficult to polish up their basic skills and come up with new and competitive moves. Freestyling takes time, strength, agility, speed, stamina and endless practice.

Just imagine for a second, the strenuous task of having to complete the 10,000 touch workout (every day for six times a week). It requires a strength of character and determination on your part to complete these drills and take their game to a new level.

For Maximising basic Footy Skills And Building Muscle Strength

One effective companion which will help you perform those fundamental drills is our soccer trainer balls (sz-5). This weights around 0.465 kg making it easy to kick around and maximise passing, dribbling and building crucial muscle strength both for left and right-footed 12 year-to-adult players.

No more will you struggle to polish up those game skills which could make the difference between winning and losing. Hand-stitched and manufactured with a 3 ply, 2.5 mm cushioned PVC synthetic leather and durable bladder for long air retention, this trainer can take the strongest of kicks non-stop.

By simply attaching the wrist band (consisting of a bungee cord and a metal swivel fitted in -between) to your comfortable side; you can carry out your 10,000 touch workout emphatically. Its comfortable belt and our inspired engineering make this solo football trainer on a string return safely to you, thus bettering your reaction time and ball control.

Furthermore, with our solo trainer; you can also master other important skills such as:- dribbling, turning drills, crossing, heading drills, tackling the ball, shooting (both normal passes and penalty shots), footwork drills etc.

Learning About Combined Skills.

After perfecting your basic level drills (that too at your own pace); you can move over to combined moves without allowing the ball to juggle. This kids football training equipment is perfect for repetitive moves and performing combo skills faster.

  • Advanced Cone exercising- controlling the ball at variable speeds and the process improve their cardiovascular fitness.
  • Circle of cones- means dribbling the ball by keeping the cones in a circular formation. By kicking the ball in sharp clockwise or anti-clockwise angles, it helps to enhance your ball control more and makes you ready for real-match situations.
  • Mastering lay-offs, turning with ball in-possession, header and chest control.

Our Football Trainer Comes In 2 Different Sizes:-

You will get this quality football trainer in two size variants.

Size 3 which is suitable for U-6-7 and 8. The circumference will measure 23-24 inches with weight max 12 ounces.

The other one is available in (Size 4) which is suitable for U-9,10 and 11. The weight is 13 ounces (max) and circumference measures 23-24 inches.

Ending Statement:-

So, if you wish to amp up your A-game, then this soccer training equipment from “That Training Ball” will be a wonderful solution. This costs only Au$37.36 and if you happen to be interested in this, feel free to order today.

If you wish to speak to us (for our other products or clear out a query), call us @ 0490388954 for a free non-obligatory quote. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

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