How to Look for a Soccer Sidekick Training Ball?

When it comes to choosing a soccer sidekick training ball, you need to be cautious. You need  to ensure that the ball you purchase is the best and serve its purpose to the fullest. That is why, any professional soccer skills trainer in Australia would prefer the best training balls to guide trainees master the techniques of sidekick. 

Now the question here is, how to look for the best soccer sidekick training balls? Let us take a  sneak peek at the topic. 

The size…

If you are looking for training balls for your kid, you have to be particular about the size. Remember, not all balls are for everyone. These training balls differ in terms of size depending upon the age of the trainees. For instance, if your kid is 10 to 12 years of age or above,  the Size 5 training footballs will be the ideal one. Hence, the size is the first and foremost factor that has to be taken into account, while placing the order for a soccer sidekick training ball. 

The Material…

The material of the ball has to be of excellent quality. You can either opt for a high quality leather ball or one that is made of synthetic PVC. In both cases, the ball will be lightweight enough for your ward to be able to handle it properly. And more importantly, the ball should be such that it has a uniform weight, regardless of the condition of the pitch and the weather, it does not get heavier and pose a problem for the trainee. 

The Weight…

Yes, close to the neel of material, the issue of weight comes in. The weight of these soccer training balls has to be uniform. In other words, the weight needs to be light, and it should behave truly in air and on the pitch. That means, when your kid takes a sidekick and the ball is airborne, its elevation, trajectile, reach and its flight through the air can  be predicted. This will enable your ward to gain control over the ball and master the kicking and receiving skills pretty fast and with confidence and authority. It should have a uniform and seamless flight in the air, devoid of any erratic behaviour. 

The bungee cord…

The soccer sidekick training ball in Australia should come with the customary bungee cord attached, and it has to be of high quality and retractable with the free end having the provision to be strapped in  the arm. This ensures that your ward will be able to practise at your backyard, without the fear of breaking the windows panes of your and your neighbour’s home.  

The stitches….

The panels have to be stitched and glued in the proper way. The stitches have to be embedded, so that they do not depreciate by the blows from the boot and the friction between the ball and the ground. Moreover, the embedded stitches will have hardly any friction with the air during the flight of the ball. 

Therefore, you must purchase a soccer sidekick training ball keeping in mind all these points and that is possible only when you purchase a branded ball online from That Training Ball. Call us now to place an order. 

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