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Important Information You Need to Know About Rugby Balls

Though Rugby is a common sport, there are certain things that you need to know if you want to know the game better. So, today, we will be discussing a specific topic and that is none other than the ball with which the game is played. The information that we discuss here will illuminate you since you will get to know about facts that you did not know previously. So, if you are keen on knowing what they are, delve into the next section right away.

  • Rugby Balls were Known as Quanco    

The rugby union training ball for instance, with which you practise the sport was once called ‘Quanco’. But with time, the name has been changed. In fact, with time the shape underwent a slight overhaul as well. It is not fully oval, rather, it is mostly elongated ellipsoid. This uniqueness of the rugby ball makes it stand apart from the rest. Since the shape was finalised, it has not undergone any more change in recent times and it has become widely accepted.

  • Quality of the Rugby Balls Matter

Rugby balls can be differentiated into three major categories. They are recreational balls, training balls and match balls. The quality of each of these varies. 

Typically, recreational balls, as the name goes, are primarily used for casual sports. Comparatively, they cost less and are not much durable. The training balls on the contrary are very durable and can be quite costly. The same goes for match balls since they are used for actual games. So, they have to be well-made.

  • Surface Bumps are Designed by the Manufacturers  

Whenever you are buying a rugby union training ball, you will notice bumps on the surface. Do you know that these are designed by the manufacturers so that adequate grip can be established? A grip is needed so that one can grasp the ball properly. Moreover, a certain type of ruggedness of the ball is necessary for the sport.

  • Training Balls are Found in Various Sizes 

Whenever you are buying training rugby balls, you need to make sure that you are buying a product for the size that suits you. Yes, it means that you can purchase rugby training balls of different sizes. Typically, four sizes are available, namely, Size 3 (mini), Size 4 (junior), Size 4.5 (women) and Size 5 (men). 

  • Rugby Balls Need to be Properly Maintained

Unlike balls that are used in other sports, rugby balls need to be maintained with proper care and attention. You will need to follow certain guidelines if you want to elongate the lifespan of the ball, and you can find them in the manual itself. Or, you can ask the seller about it. 

So, these are a few pieces of information about rugby balls for training. And if you want to buy one, make sure you follow these points.

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