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This is a Fantastic Kicking Tee for all Junior Rugby League player, learn to kick straight in just a matter of Minutes!!!
The Results will Amaze You. That’s our Guarantee to You.

As an Australian Small Business with stock here in Sydney, we want to look after our Customers during this time.

– Dan Vickerman, Former Australian Wallaby

“Why hasn’t somebody thought of this before? What an amazing concept!”

To see the footy tee in action, go to you tube:

The MOOSE™Kicking Tee is Australian designed ─ suitable for all football codes. Perfect for Junior Rugby League Clubs.

No matter what your footy code AFL, Rugby, Rugby League and Soccer, having your foot correctly
impact with the ball is essential for achieving a Straight Accurate Kick.

This is the FIRST kicking tee of its kind in the world. Australian Designed to allows players to develop and
refine the kicking movement patterns to execute a brilliant drop punt.

As a coaching aid, the Moose kicking tee enables players to experience how it feels to connect the ball properly and the beautiful sound, when having the ball hit in the right spot and to see the result of this correct contact. The accuracy of a backwards spinning, end-over-end.

Perfect training aid to teach younger junior players how to kick a rugby league ball correctly and straight.

Based on the drop punt, which is used predominantly in AFL, the Moose football tee is uniquely designed to enable the perfect connection between a player’s boot and the ball, when the correct contact is made with the ball, the result is a more Accurate and Longer Projection of the ball from a stationary position.

Used as a training aid and for on-field goals, the MOOSE kicking tee suits all codes and levels of footy.

Approved by the ARU, MOOSE kicking tee has a revolutionary shape, resembling antlers, which allows the
ball to sit slightly elevated from the ground. Where traditional kicking tees require an angled kick
from the side of the boot, the MOOSE Rugby League kicking tee simply requires you to kick it straight.

With one foot firmly planted on the ground, the kicking foot drives the power directly through the
middle of the ball and towards the target. The MOOSE kicking tee isolates the kicking action and the ball
connection in this way to ensure when boot meets ball on impact, it’s in the correct position
every time.

Feed Back from Players who have used the Moose Football Tee:

“Why hasn’t somebody thought of this before? What an amazing concept!”
– Dan Vickerman, Former Australian Wallaby

“An exceptional coaching aid for refining the drop punt for all ages and levels of play.”
– Mark Smyth, High Performance Manager (AFL)

“It’s the perfect kicking tool for building muscle memory to kick it straight.”
– Chris Malone, Head Coach Sydney University

There’s never been a better time to learn to Kick a Rugby League Ball Straight and Far.


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