Rugby Ball Features that Affect Training as a Whole

Your kid will learn football better if he gets the right ball. So, choosing the correct one is something that you need to do as a parent. Well, the process is not complex. All you need to do is look for a few features in the ball that you are buying. And yes, the ball needs to be a training ball that is designed for your child. They come in various sizes too and here, we will discuss all of them.

  1. Ball Size

Let’s begin with the ball size as this is a characteristic that you will need to look for so that your kid can learn and practice the game conveniently.

If your kid is of 9 years of age or lower, you will need to buy a size 3 training football. These balls are also termed mini balls. However, another mini ball exists, the size of which is 1. But if your child is under the age of 7, 8 or 9, size 3 will suit him best.

Rugby Ball

  1. Ball Material

The ball should have a coarse and durable texture that will help your child get a sense of the original game. However, make sure that the synthetic substance with which they are made is not harmful to kids. Besides, the quality should adhere to Australian standards.

  1. Can Be Attached to a String

Nothing can help your kid learn rugby better than a football on a string. This is indeed a handy feature that assists in methodical learning.

The string attachment capability allows your kid to throw the ball using his or her strength. But since the string is attached, the chance of losing the ball is zero. Moreover, the length of the rugby balls with attachable strings can be controlled.

  1. Water Resistance

When buying a rugby ball, you should determine the water resistance. This will help your kid grasp the ball better and practice throwing.

To learn more about the accessory or the football tees that are best suited for these balls, you should talk to the dealer selling the same and take an in-depth look at the ball’s specifications.

  1. Ball Weight

Though the ideal weight of a rugby ball is around 410g to 460g, the ones that are used to train kids under 9 years of age will be lighter. The weight also depends on the size and hence, if you are planning to buy a size 3 ball, ask the dealer about the weight and whether it will suit your child.

  1. Suited for Specific Fields

The rugby ball with the football one-touch should be specific to the field where your child is about to practice. Else he or she might have a difficult time practicing the same. So, after you have bought the ball or the training equipment, see whether your child is able to use the same. If not, you might have to replace the same.

These are basically the six features that can help you buy a ball for kids’ rugby training.

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