Rugby Drills That Help You Create a Pace on the Ball

The game of rugby is all about power, perseverance, and stamina. However, it is also all about speed and ball control. Now the trainers must master the skills, which include putting adequate pace on the rugby ball, and for that they need to learn how and when to do so. For that they need to go through certain with-the-ball drills, and  they must use a top quality ball, of the stature of Ross Faulkner AFL ball. On this page, let us discuss the drills. However, before that, here are just a few words, in regards to the drills. 

The objective of the drills is to create a pace on the rugby ball and is all about carrying the ball quickly forward, towards the opponent’s goal, by picking up the gaps and the lacunas of the opposite’s defence, exploiting them to the fullest, forcing the defenders of the opponent team to make a turnaround and chase. The faster you will be able to move the ball forward via the hands of your attackers, the opponent will have less time to coordinate, react and launch a defensive counter move. 

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Drill 1 

  • It is all about placing four cones five yards away from each other in a straight line to set up the workout.
  • A player advances towards the cones holding the ball in his or her grip. The player then tosses the ball up in front, while passing the first cone, catching the ball again, over the second.
  • In order to go to the fourth cone, the player then starts accelerating, on his or her way to the third cone.

Developing the drill

  • The player needs to place the cones in a zig-zag or meandering formation so that he or she has to change direction sometime midway through the run.
  • A second player comes into the picture who follows and receives the pass from the catch after the fourth cone.

Drill 2

  • Use the same four cones in a straight line for this rugby practice, but add a passer five metres to the side of the third cone.
  • The receiver speeds up as it approaches the first cone. The ball is given to the receiver over the third cone as he sprints over the second one.
  • The third cone should then be pushed forward and backward depending on the runner’s pace.

Developing the game awareness abilities

Coaching players to accelerate onto the ball is only one aspect of rugby drills that emphasise generating pace on the ball. While the coaching emphasise on using the best rugby balls, they will also focus on exploiting weaknesses. That is the reason, they also suggest to the trainees that they buy a Ross Faulkner AFL Ball

Therefore you see, rugby drills are not only about developing the physical fitness and mastering the technical skills of the players. It is also about using the best and the most agile training balls that come with the best features and are made up of the best materials that make them the most ideal to be used by the trainees. 

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