Selecting the Best AFL Training Ball for Women – a Fair Guideline

Practice, practice and practice! There’s no other shortcut to success. You can have talent, but to nurture it and streamline it to the right direction you need dedicated training and practice and that also in the right way. For that not only you need an excellent mentor but a set of proper training equipment that will help you excel on the match days.

Rugby is a fast-paced, full contact, power game that asks not only for skill and energy but enormous power. You need it in kicking, scrumming, rucking, and what not! To perfect all these during the training, you need a good training ball.

Various types of rugby training balls are available but not all will do the trick. You need to be choosy while selecting one. It has to be the right ball for the right purpose. For that, focus on some finer points.

Size and Shape


Though the size 5 variety is used in both men and women’s rugby matches, you can opt for the Size 4 AFL Women’s Ball for training. You need to look at the two ends before choosing one. The extent or the degree of tapering at the two ends plays a hugely significant role in how the ball will behave.

The more pointed the ends are, it’s the better for passing, but it’s harder to kick. Therefore balls with more rounded ends are perfect for kicking as well as controlling. However, they are more difficult to pass. Thus, when you practice in such balls, you put more effort while passing, which increases your passing efficiency. This is where the training balls we, at ‘That Training Ball’ come up with, make the difference.

Our balls are made up of high quality, ply pro-grip material, which makes them durable as well. They come up with a cord, which can be attached to a wristband that the trainee can wear.

The Grip that counts


The training balls that we at ‘That Training Ball’ offer comes up with a textured or pimpled surface, which helps the trainees to get a better grip. The spacing of the pimples and the shape & depth thereof are such that the performance of the balls is optimal.

We make sure that the grip is top class as it is the grip that determines how easy it will be to catch the ball and how far the ball can be kicked or passed.

The Panels


We make sure that the panels of our training balls go a long way in retaining the shape of the ball for long. They also help in retaining the energy and the weight movement properties as well, making them a perfect AFL training equipment for the budding players.

The Bladder


The bladders are made up of natural latex, which makes them highly resilient and lends the ball high-quality rebound characteristics – something that helps in training in a significant way!

Hence, in us you will find the perfect ball, which will help you to perfect your skills. Get in touch with us at ‘That Training Ball’, and we will make sure you have the best training ball for your practice sessions.

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