The Role of a Quantity Rugby Ball in Mastering Goal Kicking Skills

There are a lot of techniques to master when it comes to learning how to take a goal kick in rugby. But then, the quality of the ball has to be premium, if you are to perfect the technique. What better ball can you choose for training, than the Ross Faulkner Rugby training ball? With high-quality material, a perfect aerodynamic design and perfect weight for the trainees, these balls go a long way to help to master the kicking skills. 

Here on this page let us discuss the steps that you need to master, for perfecting the goal kicking skills. 

Placing the ball correctly…..

It all starts with placing the ball correctly. This is where the uniform weight, aerodynamically designed shape, a justified weight and proper stitches of the Ross Faulkner ball will come into play. When you set the ball up, you need to point its seam towards the posts. That is because, when you kick, you look at the ball and that is why, the well-defined seam of the ball will tell you where your target lies. So you see, a quality ball like the one you ought to use with a well-defined seam will always make a difference. 

Visualisation comes next…..

You need to rehearse mentally and practice the art of doing so. It is very much as part of the kick. You need to visualise that you are taking a perfect kick that keeps the ball between the goal post. Now, when you train with a high-quality training ball like the Ross Faulkner AFL ball, that gives you a lot of extra courage and confidence and of course satisfaction of training with the best ball, at the back your mind, which will help you in mastering the technique rather quickly. 

Mastering the run-up…

It is all about approaching the ball at a 45-degree angle. Some may get the front-on early on the impact, which will help in being accurate, but it will limit the power of the kick. Here again, the quality of the ball will make the difference. A quality ball like the Ross Faulkner AFL training ball will ensure that you maintain the accuracy as well as the power while taking the kick. It is all about managing two simultaneous actions – rotation of the ball’s body into the impact, and the flexion of the leg into the ball. Here again, the quality of the ball will come into play. The better is quality and its flexibility, the better will be the impact, thus making it a quality kick that will last till the “behind”. 

The strike….

It involves striking inside the back panel and then driving through the ball. You will get the ‘sweet spot’ a couple or so inches away from the tip of the ball. Hence, you need to aim for hitting that spot with the ball of your big toe. Now, if you use a quality ball for training, you get a bigger sweet spot, and a perfect kick off becomes easier. 

So you see, when it comes to practising the skill of goal kicking in rugby, a quality ball like the Ross Faulkner ball makes so much difference. That is why we would recommend you to buy a Ross Faulkner AFL ball online if you like. And what better name can you opt for, than That Training Ball? We offer the best rugby training ball suitable for trainees of different ages. For further details, call us on 02 93993575 (Telephone) or 0490 388 954 (Mobile). If you are calling from abroad, use 61 490388954 (Mobile) / 61 293993575 (Telephone).

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