Things You Should Check Before Buying a Training Rugby Ball

Before you can begin playing Rugby, you will need to practice and develop the required skills. But for that, you will need to get a training ball. Now, different brands offer rugby balls. But what you will need to look for is how the ball is made. But if you are wondering whether you will need to look for any specific qualities, better go through the points that we have discussed here.

Rubber Type

Since most training balls are made with synthetic rubber, you will need to look for the quality of the same. For example, look for the surface smoothness and if you have a good vision, see if there are small holes. If you find the latter, it is best to buy another one because these holes can later widen and air might leak through them. For this reason, it is always recommended that you visit a reputed training ball store if you are looking to get quality equipment for practising purposes.


Training rugby balls have a weak grip compared to the ones that are used in games. This is because they are made of synthetic rubber as mentioned earlier. However, they should have some grip to give you a sense of the real world play. So, when buying, check if it has any grip at all.

If you find that it has a bit that can help you understand and develop the skills to take part in the actual game, you can buy it. Otherwise, it is best to buy the one that offers a better grip.

Valve on the Panels

Before you buy a training rugby ball, see the placement of the valves.

Generally, the valve in a training ball is placed on the panels and not on the seam like that of the match ball. This helps the former to not spin like that of the latter when kicked. Thus, it helps you to learn and practice without facing hassles.


You already know by now that training rugby balls are made of synthetic rubber. Still, before getting one for yourself, check the build quality.

Surely, a training ball has to be tough and more resilient as compared to the natural rubber ball that is used in an actual game. But if you don’t know the ways to determine the same, you can take someone to the store having experience in Rugby.

Shape Retention

When buying a rugby ball for training, make sure it stays in shape even when under pressure. For this, the internal latex bladder has to be of good quality and properly crafted. So, this is another quality that you will need to look for. Otherwise, if it cannot persist for long, you will just be wasting your money.


Finally, this is another factor that you will need to consider to conveniently learn and practice the game.

Training balls are available in different sizes and hence, you will need to patiently inspect every ball and choose the one that suits you best.

High-Quality Training Balls

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