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Top Tips You Should Follow to Improve Batting Skills with A Cricket Practice Ball

Batting in cricket is immensely technical to start with. Well, it is all about mental toughness, perseverance, confidence and concentration but all these aspects can be obtained easily if you have your basics right. In other words, you must improve the basic batting techniques if you want to stand any chance of scoring runs against a quality pace and spin attack and that also in any condition.

For that you need to have a quality cricket practice ball for that. When you have one, it will help you carry out the drills. Let us on this page discuss the tips that you have to follow to sharpen your batting skills.

Following the ball closely

When you use a cricket ball for practice batting, the first and foremost step you take is that you follow the ball properly. In other words, you should never take your eyes off the ball, as and when the ball swings to and from the bat. When you do this day after day, you grow this habit of keeping your eyes on the ball right from the moment it is released by the bowler till it reaches your bat.

Going to the line of the ball

Set your intention and slant slightly forward as you get ready to swing. Trying to score runs off every ball is the goal of batting. Give hitting the ball your whole attention and vigour. That’s one of the basics of balling. So when it comes to knocking with the ball for practice, you must not forget going to the line of the ball, as it comes close to your bat. Lean forward with the right footwork to do so.

Increasing your fitness with the help of the ball

You need to increase the agility of your limbs as well as your fitness and reflexes as it will help you augment your fitness. You need to use the Cricket Training Ball that comes with the string to do. Swing the ball rapidly after leaving it suspended using the cord. Now swing it to and from and as the ball swings to you conduct the footwork at a brisk pace keeping pace with the rate of the swing. This will increase your agility.

Controlling breath to increase Concentration

You need to increase concentration and calmness as it will help in a real match situation regardless of the condition your team is in when you walk out in the middle. Great batters never panic regardless of the match situation. So in between the swing of the ball you need to take deep breaths and release them just after you hit the ball with your bat and keep on repeating this process. This will help you control your breath and increase your concentration level.


Last but not the least, enjoy your training. Whether you are playing just for fun or you are vouching for gaining professional expertise, it is just a game after all at the end of the day. This carefree attitude will help you make the most of your cricket ball.

So you see, a practice ball plays such a crucial role in the making of a batter. So get the best ball. Call That Training Ball as we will always offer you the best ball. Call us to place your order online.

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