What Makes the Size 4 AFL Women’s Ball So Very Populars?

If you are in pursuit of the best rugby training balls, then there are so many options to choose from. One of the most popular of them is the size 4 AFL women’s ball. This particular training ball is meant for the trainees of the age group between 12 and 17 and is made up of the best leathers.On this page, let us discuss the salient features of this particular training ball.

The size and the weight

The size and the weight of the ball is nicely balanced so that the trainees do not feel any issue while training with them under any given circumstances – dry or wet. Both the size and the weight of the ball are aerodynamically modelled and designed, keeping in mind the physical statistics of the trainees falling in that age group. The comprehensiveness and compactness, which are the result of such in depth R&D have made the balls the best bet for the trainees of this age group. They find it easier to grip, to toss up in the air, to manoeuvre with, and to drill with.

size 4 afl women's ball

The leather is of high quality

The Size 4 AFL Women’s Ball is made up of high quality leather that is compact, yet lightweight. The specialty of this high quality leather is that it does not get heavy when it gets wet or muddy. That means, even in the wet and muddy conditions, the weight of the ball remains  uniform and unchanged. It helps them to ascertain the flight of the ball in the air and its trajectile, thus helping them to master the passing and gripping skills. Besides, this high quality leather would help in dramatic increase of hand eye coordination, agility, speed, strength, confidence and fitness.

The leather is compact

The compactness of the leather helps to increase the gripping ability of the trainees, despite the fact that the ball does not come with those customary studs and this makes this particular ball, almost indispensable when it comes to grooming the budding players of rugby.

afl training ball

The embedded stitches help in longevity and performance

In most cases, the protruding free ends of the stitches of the training ball suffer wear and tear, leading to the subsequent degradation of stitches. However, in the AFL ball we are discussing, the stitches remain fully embedded and this keeps them intact  even after rigorous and prolonged use of the ball in different trying conditions. Besides, the fact that the stitches remain fully embedded, ensures the fact that there is no friction between the stitches and the air, which may alter the flight path of the ball, when airborne, causing uncertainty in the mind of the trainees aiming to grip it during the drill.

These value additions make this ball the most popular AFL Training Equipment to look for.

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