1 X END SET Goal Post Set – The Best Football Training Equipment to Perfect Your ‘Tee Off’

One of the major aspects of football training is ‘teeing’! You will find a number of kids who have gone through a substantial proportion of training, are still not been able to perfect their ‘tees’. The reason is simple! They have not used the perfect training equipment that is needed for perfecting the tee-offs.

Hence, that is what you need to start with. You need to put your stakes on the perfect football coaching equipment that will help your kid come in terms with all the technical aspects perfectly. Remember, football, just like soccer, is a power game, which demands constant body contact. Hence, when you help your ward in the grooming, it has to be perfect, and it MUST start with a perfect tee off, for which you need have the right training goal post set, to set his target right. Here is where you need to get in touch with a quality company like That Training Ball that offers quality football training equipment for your kids!

Take, for instance, the 1 X END SET Goal Post Set, which we come up with. The set can be set up at your backyard, and can provide you with some intensive training sessions for your kid even at your home, in case you want to have some extra training sessions for him!

The Length That Matters…

When you train, you need to keep your basics right. Hence, you need to opt for the right height when you choose the training posts. The 1 X END SET Goal Post Set is the right kids’ football training equipment. It is 4.5 meters tall and is the perfect equipment for any aspiring trainee. This particular variety comes with a 3-meter wide crossbar, which is fixed at a height of 1.5 meters. And again, the crossbar can be adjusted at the height of 3 meters, which is the standard international height maintained during any match. Hence, if you have a kid who is 8 years old or more, this is the best equipment that you can go for.

How Handy They Are….

Incredibly handy – to start with! And we mean it! These bars are so easy to set up, that you can set it up in a jiffy.
More importantly, to add to the ease, the poles are made up of heavy-duty PVC rubber, which makes them poles stubborn, as well as lightweight so that you can shift them whenever you need to. You can dig in a hole on the surface of your backyard and erect them, or there are provisions to set them up on rubber base plates that are available in the market so that you do not have to dig in the surface. Honestly, all these features make it one of the best football coaching equipment, which you can look for, in Australia.

They Are Cost Effective…

Last but not least, they come up at $289 which INCLUDES delivery charge, which of course, will NOT drill a hole in your pocket! So why wait further? Get in touch with That Training Ball NOW!!

For further details, you are free to call us at 0061 490388954 or 0061 2 93993575. You can also write to us at trainingball@gmail.com for further details if you are looking for football training equipment for juniors.

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