Buying Your Perfect AFL Goal Post- A Useful Guide!

A quality football club can make you do many things during your training drills. But regardless of the training, two must-have things are Good Soccer Balls and Goal Posts.

They not only have to be robust and long-lasting but should also be in the correct size, fitting and fixture regulations. Speaking of quality goal posts, “That Training Ball”- is your one-stop solution to procuring quality football accessories at reasonable rates.

Having an impressive variety of goalposts, each of them is easily transportable, and they come in vivid sizes and types. If you are an avid football player in the search of quality footsy posts, then here are some key aspects to consider.

Start By Paying Attention To The Quality Of Netting Grade:-

When you start searching for quality football nets; you will associate with the term netting grade. This means the thickness of the post netting.

The ones having the thinnest nets are usually the cheap ones that guarantee no quality, durability or longevity. The ones measuring only 1.6mm are the cheapest ones- and preferably the ones that you should avoid going for.

However; you should aim for a net grace that is commonly used in Premier League matches- more like one having 5mm thickness.

You will be pleased to know that we have goal posts with net grade between 3mm-5mm- which should last a good number of years. Be it tall AFL goal posts– up to 4.5m to the ultimate posts measuring approximately 3.0m-4.5m at budget-friendly rates; you will find everything you ever wanted to perfect your shooting and accuracy.

Check The Twine Types As Well As Its Netting:-

Football netting comes in a variety of different strands/plastic or fabrics- at times, even both. The twine type mainly refers to the combination of materials employed and how each of the strands is woven properly.

In some instances, football nets are also manufactured using High-Density Polypropylene (HDPE)- which is a particular plastic-type known for its hard-wearing and weatherproof capabilities. The more the quality the longer it can last despite being put under intense training sessions and powerful shots fired at it.

Furthermore; knotted or braided nets are other variants which you may find when you are searching for quality footy goal posts. Most professional posts come with braided netting features that are woven together for added durability and strength.

Plus, many players also hold the opinion that they are better-looking than any other post variant available in the market.

Its Netting Accessories:-

Say; you have procured your football post, the next thing to keep on mind is the thickness and robustness of the nets. As their perfect attachment; you will come across a wide range of nets that include velcro ties and net clips.

You should opt for u-peg posts to attach at the base of your post especially if you are going for a freestanding goalpost model.

Contrarily; if you opt for a full-fledged professional goal post, then the right choice would be to use net hooks, clips and even ground pegs.

Final Thoughts:-

So take some time to check your options first. And avoid going for unrealistically cheap goalposts as ‘cheap’ doesn’t always denote a cost-effective option.
We welcome you to visit our category list and sort out the right type of goal posts for AFL -be it for your practice sessions or a real game situation.

For any urgent requirement, feel free to get in touch with us by calling @ 0490 388 954. We will be happy to help you out with your desired football goal post.

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