Easy to Go AFL Drills that Every Parent Should Try Out With Their Kids

You must know the fact that football is not just a game where two competitors go for a face-off, one wins and the other one loses! It’s certainly much more than that. As parents, you can establish a real bond with your children as you start playing with them.

If you have always thought that AFL coaching will be enough, you are certainly mistaken. You have to practice and play along with them so that their spirit still remains high, and they get to build a great connection with their children.

You can actually practice several football drills with your kid. Begin with a warm-up session. Run 50 mtr at a stretch followed by a few jumping jacks lasting about 2-3 minutes. Then you can quickly get started with the football drills with your kid.

Kicking Drills

The easiest of them is the kicking drill, of course, and your kid will certainly love to attend this training session. You have to practice all it. Start with still click where your kid is to kick the best branded AFL balls in Australia across the goal post. Stand behind the goal post to receive the ball.

Next, you have to go for a run and kick session. During this time, your child has to kick the ball in the movement. You can also play ‘kick-to-kick’ drill with your child too that he will thoroughly enjoy. It will also improve their kicking skill effectively.

It’s always a wise decision to let them develop their skills naturally. If you try to give your children too much technical information, you will have to suffer the consequences also.

Handball Drill

Once the footing skill is being developed well, the next focus should fell on handball drills. It is a process through which you ill be able to ensure that your kid is throwing the ball in the right way and again receiving it in the same way.

It’s an essential skill necessary to learn from the basic level, and as a parent, you can give your children the much-required lesson. They will learn how to receive and throw the ball in a fast transition without any problem.

This practice will continue forever for an AFL player, even at the senior level. Even the professional players practising with company AFL balls still carry on this drill before their final session.

Marking Drill

You certainly know that in footy, it’s highly essential to mark the ball both with the chest and the head. Throw the ball to your kid and have them catch the ball before it hits the ground in any way.

For this drill, keep the distance with your kid for around 15 meters and tell your child to mark the ball for 8-10 times using their chest. Once the set is completed, take a 1-minute break and go for the second set with the overhead marking.

Final Notes

So, these were some of the standard football drills that parents can practise with their children. It will create a strong bond between you and your children as you stand behind the portable rugby goal posts. It will also boost their confidence and encourage them further to consider you as their best game partner.

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