Easy But Effective Warm-Ups To Start Every Soccer Game @ 100%

Fed up of starting every soccer crunch game slowly…? Don’t fret! Many before you have faced this similar issue during their early soccer practising days.

And though there is no magic potion to turn you from a young learner to ‘Captain Socceroo’ (a.k.a Johnny Warren), there are easy steps to retain your self-confidence and start every game at 100%.

Furthermore, keeping true to these warm-up steps will help you perform better, start your games with more energy and also reduce muscle soreness for the next day!

Let’s begin, shall we!

Step 1:- Fueling Your Body:-

Your football warm-ups begin much before you step inside the playground. Truth be told; your entire morning preparation is a part of your warm-up and integral for your health, positivity and fitness.

To Ensure Your Body Is Fueled Properly:-

  • Grab a good night sleep (around 7-8 hours).
  • Hydrate your body right throughout the day (around 4 litres of water is a minimum).
  • Ensure large pre-game meals (about 6 hours prior to the kick-off) followed by a light pre-game grub (a couple of hours before the kick-off).
  • Make sure all your meals pack good sources of carbohydrates and proteins. Soccer matches can be intense, and so make sure your body is ready for all of that.

Step 2: Show Up At The Ground Early

Always ensure you reach the ground early to give you enough time to prepare your body with your pre-game practice rituals. One must-have in your football training kit is a soccer sidekick training ball on-a-string Australia for your customised drills.

This trainer equipment helps you improve:-

  • Passing
  • Ball juggling
  • Shooting
  • Turning and shooting
  • And most importantly your ball control skills.

Furthermore, such trainer balls:-

  • Make you more confident with your soccer ball skills.
  • Boosts your game confidence.
  • Betters your reaction time, which gives you more time to respond during those crunch game moments.
  • And also improves your hand-eye coordination, self-esteem to succeed during those game moments.

If you don’t own one yet, feel free to visit “That Training Ball” and check out our wide range of soccer training balls (available in all standard sizes) priced at budget-friendly rates.

Step 3:- Maintaining Your Soccer Warm-Up Exercises (& Stretches) Properly.

Other than perfecting those fundamental soccer training skills; you should also spend some time undergoing your own set of pre-game exercises and stretches.

Some Of Them Include:-

  • Hip opener
  • High knee
  • Butt kicks
  • Skipping
  • Hip closer
  • Straight kicking with both legs
  • Groin stretches
  • Calf sweep
  • Front leg swings
  • Cross leg swings
  • Full squat (with the assistance of the coach or co-players).

Step 4:- Undergo Your Collective Team Training Enthusiastically.

Lastly, after undergoing your personal training drills; you should look to warm up with your other fellow team members. This is one great way to get into the flow of the game, better your team coordination and amp up your intensity levels.

This should be done around 15-20 mins before the kick-off and the exercises to mainly focus on include:-

  • Play passing combinations (both for long-range and short-range passes)
  • Ball control and movements against few team members.
  • Taking numerous shots to the goal (using vivid techniques) just to prepare yourself in case a scoring opportunity comes very early in the game.
  • And lastly, taking numerous sprints and long-distance runs to get the blood flowing in the legs.

Maintain These Steps (Day in & Day Out) To Start @ 100% Every Game:

If you are an enthusiastic and young soccer player wanting to go well in all your games, ensure you follow these steps every day. Success never comes easy, but it does come to those who are willing to work hard for it.

Most players don’t take these training sessions too serious, and during those crucial game moments, they fail to keep up or make good of an opportunity that comes to them.

Don’t make that mistake. Nothing comes easy in this action-packed game. But then, that’s what makes this sport so good to watch and be a part of!

So, to all those young players wanting to make a name for themselves, train hard and believe in yourself. Success will eventually come!

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