Master the Skill to Juggle the Soccer Ball- A Brief Discourse By Experts

Did you know juggling the soccer ball is simply about improving the ball control? You have probably watched the best players across the world that how nicely the ball remain glued to their feet. Though everything looks simple, it takes soccer training equipment to master the skills to control the ball handling.

Why Should You Practice Juggling the Ball?

  • Juggling a soccer ball improves your first touch. You will start practising how to be there on the ground for the long.
  • Sometimes, you won’t have a partner to pass and improve, whereas juggling the ball can help you to keep the ball within your grip for long.
  • Juggling the soccer training ball improves the muscle memory, since the more you do, the better you get. It makes things easier for shooting or passing.

How to Start Juggling the Soccer Ball:

Are you a beginner in soccer? If yes, then the first exercise you will do is drop, kick and catch the ball and repeat it. It will make you feel like kicking the ball and getting it back up at your hand. While balancing the ball, we recommend you to use other foot as well as try to spin it back to bring the ball back towards you.

Secondly, when you don’t want the ball going outwards on the sides, drop the ball and catch it with one foot and drop the ball again to catch it with another foot. While trying this, a little bit of backspin can be more attractive. It makes the juggling a whole lot easier since the ball will keep coming back several times.

Improve your skills to use both the sides of your feet as much as you’re progressing. As soon as you get comfortable with the practice, you can start juggling twice. You can even try with two balls while altering the feet.

Points to Consider:

When you put yourself to juggle, lock your foot to strike ball’s top part to flick up the ball. Here are a few points to emphasise the juggling-

  • Keep your toe down, and ankles locked and try to hit the ball with the upper surface of the shoe.
  • Start dropping the ball with the hands to the dominating foot and hit it back to your hands.
  • Once you’re comfortable in hitting with your dominating foot, try alternating the feet.
  • Set goals for yourself, where you should try to give 5 foot-touches to the ball, without using the hands. Increase the amount to 10 foot touches in the next week.

Lastly, juggling the ball can help you to improve every area of your game, that great players suggest others to juggle regularly. It will improve your ball control, helps you to receive the ball keeping it closer to you. Besides using the soccer sidekick training ball in Australia, practise juggling soccer ball to improve the comfort level as well as ball passing techniques. You can try juggling with your friend than juggling alone. Since it will be harder to control the ball, you will improve quicker.

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