Perfect Soccer Training Balls for Chipping

When it comes to playing soccer, the extent of mastery that you acquire depends upon the extent of control you have on the soccer ball. And it applies in every facet of the game – shooting, dribbling, passing, heading, snatching, and for the goalkeepers it is all about gripping, fisting and the likes.

In our last blog, we had discussed how soccer training balls that we offer at That Training Ball helps in dribbling. In this page, we will discuss the art of chipping and how our training balls help the budding footballers master the art.

The Art of Chipping…

When we speak about soccer, one of the most compelling chapters of a game is the dead-ball situations. In other words, stalwarts scoring goals from deal ball situations are a treat for the eyes!

Just imagine the ecstasy of floating the ball over the wall at the top of the penalty box, only to see the ball getting past the jumping wall, and swerving to fox the goalkeeper and getting into the nets!

It all starts with mastering the art of chipping!

Hence, if you are to become a successful soccer player, you need to master this art. And here is where a proper soccer training equipment like a high-quality ball comes into play.

When it comes to chipping the ball successfully, the issue that matters most, is the point and nature of contact between your feet and the ball.

When it comes to chipping, you need to strike the ball hard with the tip of the toe at the point of the arc where the static ball touches the ground.

And most importantly, when the contact is made, your toe must be pointed upwards! And the inertia needs to be upward, so much so that the ball takes off the moment it leaves the ground.

The Material and the Aerodynamic Factor…

This is where the material of the ball comes into play. The material that our balls are made up of are light enough to allow it to take off and get the required elevation. Again, it is not too light so that the trainees will lose control over it.

Thus, a balancing act comes into play when it comes to mastering the art of chipping. Even when it rains the balls that we come up with remain perfect for the budding soccer players.

The Stitches…

Technically speaking, the stitches play a pivotal role in determining the flight of the ball in these situations. False swing during the flight of the ball when chipped, poses a problem even for the seasoned players.

Naturally, negotiating swing during long haul chips turns out to be a nightmare for the trainees. Besides, they cannot perfect the art of chipping properly. Irregular stitches are to be blamed for that.

Here is where our training balls make the difference. The stitches are of exceptionally high quality and are regular, and this makes it one of the best shots when it comes to learning the art of chipping.

Indeed, soccer training balls that we come up with at That Training Balls stand out to be one of the most coveted soccer training aid in Australia. For more details, call us on 02 93993575 or 0490 388 954. If you are calling from overseas, call us at 0061 490388954 or 0061 2 93993575.

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