Our Best-Selling One Touch AFL Training Balls for Your 2020 Training Session

  • Want to increase your footy skills quickly and kick start your 2020 training session on the right foot..?
  • And are you willing to train committedly and fulfil your goal of becoming one of the best players in the world….?

If so then our One Touch AFL Training Equipment will help you improve all those key skills along with your confidence and transcend your game to the next level.

Our AFL One Touch Training Ball Is the PERFECT Trainer for You

Our One Touch training ball is perfect for those who have limited space to play. Each comes with a wristband which you attach to your wrist (preferably on the side you are comfortable kicking).

Example- If you’re a left-footer, place the band on the left wrist.


  • It improves your reflexes and hand-eye coordination
  • It increases your speed, ball control and agility
  • It enhances your fitness, overall strength, and confidence
  • It polishes your important skills and ability to perform in crucial game situations

With That:

  • You can learn to kick both from your right and left foot.
  • You become better in your handpass skills.
  • You learn how to bounce the ball- a common problem which trainees take time to master.
  • You also get better at kicking and marking the ball while running.
  • Your reaction speed also improves as you practice with it on a daily basis.

Other Specifications:

  • Each of our AFL One Touch Football is prepared with the use of top-quality 3 ply Polyvinyl Chloride. That makes it highly resistant and durable to your intense kicking, bouncing and other training drills.
  • Each ball comes with a height adjustment rubber for handpass training. You can change the rubber length as per your liking by holding the folding part of the rubber tether.
  • If you wish you practice, perfect and generate power in every kick, you can slide the rubber tether attached to the football connection and achieve the height position according to your kicking suitability.
  • If you wish to shorten the rubber for both standard and extreme handpass, undo the chest pack, grab the rubber at the back of the clasp and pull the rubber. This will lift the ball from your feet height, leaving it hanging at your waist/arm’s length for faster and intense handpass training.

(Learn All About Height Adjustment Here)

Australian Rules football is one prestigious game to be a part of for any aspiring young learner. But it is also an action-packed and intense game. Every player needs to be their very best in their game skills.

This is where our AFL One Touch Training Balls are so popular- among men, women and kids who love the game. It helps new players or even seasoned ones wanting to improve refine those vital skills needed to succeed on the biggest stage.

As Australian Rules football, requires you to always stay at the top of your game and constantly improve, our One Touch trainers do prove to be one authentic way to give you that decisive edge both over your teammates as well as the opponents on the field.

It is why so many AFL coaches present their stamp of approval on our AFL training balls and even recommend it to trainers wanting to quickly learn and turn their passion for the game into a profession.

For All Those Future AFL Stars, Our Quality Training Ball Are Available For Players Of Different Ages.

  • FOR KIDS- Junior Australian Rules One Touch Training Ball – Ages 7 To 12 – Best Selling Training Ball

This sturdy One Touch Ball for juniors is suitable for first-time learners aged between 7 to 12 years old.

The easy to adjust height rubber tether allows them to achieve their suitable height to practice their kicking, hand passing and other vital skills needed to succeed in their initial matches and make their way into bigger tournaments.

With our training ball in their possession, they will no longer pester their parents to take them to the ground every day. Plus with our perfect trainer, they can sharpen their skills at their backyard for as long as they want and whenever they want.

  • FOR TEENAGERS– Teenage Australian Rules Leather One Touch Training Football Size 4 – Ages 13 To 16

Our One Touch Size 4 teenage training ball comes with durable leather and high resistance to help them hone their vital game skills and succeed in all tournaments they participate in.  By training with it, they can easily perfect their reflexes, get faster in their movements and reaction and boost their inner confidence.

  • FOR WOMEN/GIRLS– Ladies & Girls Leather Australian Rules One Touch Training Football – Woman’s Size 4 – Ages 15 to 60

Our One Touch training football for women & girls (size 4) is the official ball which coaches recommend girls U14 and 15+ ladies to practice with.

Our Size 4 AFL women’s ball serves as the perfect training mate to develop all those key game skills and leave a mark with their performance.

  • FOR MEN– Men’s Leather Australian Rules One Touch Training Ball – Ages 17 to 60

For all those male adults dreaming to perform on the biggest AFL matches and showcase their skills with confidence, our One Touch training football for men will help turn that dream into an actuality.

With easy height adjustment rubber and highly resistant leather; this training ball will be the perfect equipment for them.

Improve Your Game with the Best Training Partner You Can Ever Have

That Training Ball offers you a revolutionary training method which is implemented in football clubs and recommended by coaches to its aspiring players. In one training session; our training balls ensures your entire body comes into play and that you perfect kicking, handpassing from both your left/right side.

By also improving your stamina, precise leg movements and overall rhythm; our One Touch AFL training equipment helps you transform into a completely different player within a month of training.

So, if you’re ready to kick start your 2020 training session and be the player you always wanted to be- place your order today.  Prices stand as per industry standard rates. And to know more about our AFL One Touch Training Balls, Enquire Now!

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