SOCCER BALL SIZE 3 TRAINING BALL – The Best Training Ball You Can Get For Your Kid

Is your kid showing signs of being Till Cahill of the future? Well, it’s your responsibility to pull up the socks and get your ward to the best soccer training club equipped with the best soccer training balls and kits, trainers, and supervisors. But that’s not all!!! If soccer is your kid’s passion, make sure you give him or her the best opportunities back at your home as well. Make sure you arrange things for training sessions, albeit on a toned scale, in your backyard, which presumably is big enough for practicing the fundamental skills of physical training and ball control skills.

Yes!!! Ball control skills – that takes us to That Training Ball, arguably one of the best names that offer amongst other things, the best training soccer balls for various age groups.

What is the efficacy of the GOOD TRAINING BALL?

Quality soccer training balls make an H-U-G-E difference in the training quality that a budding Socceroo goes through. The weight, the flight, the swing off the air and off the ground, the bounce, the flight, and the ability of the ball the behave in all conditions truly and universally, more so during heavy conditions make a huge impact on the development of the basic skills of the budding soccerers.

The features….

  • Our Size 3 Soccer Training Balls are specifically meant for players aged between 3 and 9 years. This makes it perfect stuff when they start training soccer at the right age at the right time. The lightweight ball is ideal for mastering the fundamental soccer skills, like kicking on the running ball, chipping, which helps the trainee to make the most of dead-ball situations during games – it comes in handy while taking free-kicks over the walls and corner kick, passing, dribbling, running with the ball, receiving the ball while running and passing in the same flow – it helps in wall-to-wall passing during an attack, throwing and of course, receiving them in the chest and thighs.
  • The ball comes with a 1.8-meter long bungee cord and an easy to use, comfortable wrist band. The cord can be stretched to 3.2 meters. This makes sure that no matter how hard it is kicked or thrown it will never go beyond your backyard, over the fence. This makes the ball perfect when it comes to practicing in your backyard.

The benefits….

By using the ball, the trainee will be able to:

  • Master the art of throwing with accuracy and power
  • Dribbling and kicking with accuracy and power
  • Kicking from the goal toward the midfield with accuracy and power
  • For those aspiring to be goalkeepers, it will help develop the catching, fisting and kicking skills
  • The ball will help the trainees learn and develop their ball control and dribbling skills and control the body balance while running with the ball. This will do a world of good to their confidence pretty quickly.

This is the smallest official soccer ball, which is used by the U6, U7, and U8 soccer teams, and is adored and sought after by every soccer skills trainer in Australia for its consistency to perform in every condition. It is made up of PVC synthetic leather and a high-quality Butyl Bladder that facilitate air retention for a longer period. This helps it to be consistent in its flight, helping the trainees to ascertain its flight path and adjust themselves accordingly.

For further details call us at That Training Ball on 02 93993575 (Telephone) or 0490388954 (Mobile). If you are an overseas customer, call us on 0061 490388954 (Mobile) or 0061 2 93993575 (Telephone).

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