One Touch Full Size AFL Training Ball – Your Gateway to Footballing Excellence

Are you looking forward to mastering the finer footballing skills to become a professional? Are you dreaming of cracking into a major AFL club and performing in the league in the big event? Well, then you need to be a top performer with astounding skills, stamina, speed, power, mental strength and the determination to make it into the big league and play shoulder to shoulder with the AFL stars.

For that you need solid training, and only proper coaching coupled with your zeal will be able to get there! But that’s not all that you need! You need a proper training kit as well, and for that, you need to get the best training balls before anything else.  Get in touch with at That Training Ball. We have in the offing the training footballs that will help you master the football skills.

Take for instance the One Touch Full-Size AFL Training Ball. This is one of the most effective balls that come in handy when it comes to training and mastering the art of football and its technicalities.

The Body…

The ball is made up of high-quality leather that makes the ball lightweight, making the lives of the budding footballers trifle easier. More importantly, the high quality of the leather makes sure the ball has a true flight and a trajectile when shot.

It helps the trainees to master the art of teeing and taking penalties and free kicks following infringements. The true fight of the ball helps the player gauge the force he will apply when taking the shot, so much so that it will fetch points. The same stands for spin passing and pop passing or dive passing and catching on the run. The most important aspect of this wonderful ball is that weather conditions do not affect the weight or flight of the ball. They remain constant. Thus, even if you are training with a One Touch football on a wet pitch, or when it is rainy, you will not find any deviation in the weight or the flight of the ball. Thus, the ball plays true, even when it is fairly windy.

Naturally, the very true nature of the ball will help you to master the skills and finetune your technical acumen, which will help you a lot in taking a step ahead towards achieving your goal of making it to the big league.

The value additions…

The ball comes up with an adjustable rubber tether, which you can customise by adjusting its length as per your height or need. The tether comes with a buckle clip that you can adjust to shorten or lengthen the tether, depending on whether you are practicing standard or extreme handpass. While one end of the tether is connected to the ball the other end is connected to a wearable strap jacket, which will help you to maneuver the ball in the way you like.

So you see, the One Touch rugby ball is the best when it comes to getting prepared to be a professional rugby player, technically, mentally as well physically. The ball is your perfect bet to improve your Hand-Eye Coordination, Reflexes, Agility, Speed, Strength, Confidence, and overall fitness.

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