Want To Learn How to Kick a Rugby Ball Straight In Just A Few Minutes? OUR WULF™ KICKING TEE Guarantees Success!

For the perfect straight kick, you need to properly experience how it feels to connect the ball and make that beautiful sound when hitting it in the correct spot. But often this accuracy of a backward spinning end-over-end flying rugby ball requires a little more effort and practice to master than the others.

Fortunately, That Training Ball– has the perfect training aid for you. Our unique Australian-designed WULF kicking tee will enable players to achieve the perfect connection between their boot and the ball’s right contact spot. By practising with it, you can learn to kick a rugby ball in a more accurate, straighter and longer trajectory from your stationary position.

Our WULF kicking tees come with a revolutionary shape which appears more like antlers. This shape allows the ball to stay in a slightly elevated position from the surface. Most conventional kicking tees need players to kick from the side of their boots much like an angled kick.

Perfect For All Levels & Codes of Footy

  • But WULF tees are designed to let players kick in a straighter trajectory. By keeping your other (non-kicking)foot on the ground, you can use your kicking foot to exert power right through the mid-section of the ball and send it flying to the intended target.
  • Owing to its unique design, the WULF rugby tee allows you to easily place your feet through those antlers and kick the ball with power. And with the right amount of practice; you can easily perfect straight and powerful kicks very quickly.
  • This makes our WULF kicking tee a remarkable on-field training aid for all levels and codes of the game.

Be it Rugby, Rugby League, Soccer or AFL, ensuring your boot correctly makes contact with the ball is important for getting a straighter, longer, stronger and accurate kick. To help you achieve that the WULF tee is tested, trailed and ready to be used.

Being one of its kind in the world (mainly due to its revolutionary design) it will allow you to polish up your movement patterns and accomplish a wonderful drop punt.

It Is the 1st Choice for Many AFL Players & Head Coaches           

Our WULF tee is not only popular among aspiring players wanting to make a big name for them in the footy league. It is also considered to be the 1st choice for many renowned AFL players, head coaches and league managers.

  • According to the head coach of Sydney University, Chris Malone

“The WULF tee proves to be the perfect kicking tool for aspiring players to build up their muscle memory and shoot for glory in a straighter trajectory.

  • Mark Smyth, serving as the High-Performance Manager in the AFL rightfully agrees and opines

This AFL kicking tee is a wonderful coaching aid to help young players refine their drop punt and achieve perfection in their game-skills.”

There’s Never Been a Better Way to Kick the Rugby Ball Straight

The WULF Rugby kicking tee is the best training aid in the market to help you learn the art of kicking straight in mere seconds. And by training with it dedicatedly; you can definitely take your game skills to the next level.

That Training Ball offers them to you at a reasonable price along with free postage. So you better hurry. Limited stock remaining!

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