Soccer Training Equipment That Helps in the Making of a Budding Player

When it comes to looking for training equipment, for your kid who is growing up to be a budding soccer player, you have to be cautious. For instance, other than the kit like the training boots and the dresses you need to put emphasis on the ball that you select for your ward. For that, want to put your stakes on a company that comes up with soccer training equipment that suits the age of your kid. Not to mention, the most important of all is the ball itself that plays the most important role in the grooming of tomorrow’s soccer stars. What better name can you refer to, than That Training Ball? We are home to some of the soccer training balls that will help your ward to master the soccer skills right from the early training days.

Trainer Soccer Ball Size 5

If age permits with your kid being 12 years or above, this is the best training soccer ball that you must get for your kid. The weight, its material, its behavioural specifications, and the features it comes up with, are the best when it comes to imparting the training and the technical skills.

The features…..

The full size 5 Pass Master Soccer ball comes with a bungee cord, which has a comfortable wrist band at its free end. The cord is 1.5 meter-long and it can be extended up to 5 meters and between the wrist band and the cord, there is a metallic swivel, which prevents the cord from getting twisted. The cord helps the trainee to practice passing, kicking, heading, receiving the ball on a run without the fear of the ball getting beyond your premise into the broad, or to the property of your neighbour. This gives your ward to practice in your backyard, besides at those training sessions.

The material it is made up of…

The ball is high-quality hand-stitched and made up of 3 ply. 2.5 mm cushioned PVC synthetic leather along with Butyl bladder, which helps longer retention of the ball in the air. This also prevents the ball from getting a false swing in the air and helps the trainees to gauge its flight and act accordingly while training.

The high-quality leather body will help the ball to remain lightweight even when practicing in heavy conditions and not indulge in any false movements. The uniform and unchanged weight will make sure that your kid does not get injured while training on a wet pitch and in heavy condition.

The Benefits…

  • It helps practicing throwing with accuracy and power
  • It helps to master the dribbling and kicking skills
  • It helps in taking free kicks from dead-ball situations
  • It helps to master kicking running balls, master heading, receiving, and running with the ball
  • The goalkeepers can learn the art of receiving high and ground shots, fisting and kicking skills, gauging the flight of the balls, and diving for them.

Thus, you see, when it comes to teaching the basic soccer skills, the trainer soccer ball size 5 from Pass Master is the best you can have in your soccer training aid in Australia. Just call us at That Training Ball at 02 93993575 or 0490 388 954. In case you are calling from abroad, call on 0061 2 93993575 or 0061 490388954.

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