4 Reasons to Buy the Ladies Leather Australian Rules One Touch Training Football Size 4

There’s no doubt that AFL football stands as among the most popular sport followed and played in Australia. It is a fast-paced and tough spot which requires proper physical strength, stamina, fitness and polished AFL game skills to succeed.

Yet, this action-packed sport has managed to garner a considerable amount of attention among kids- both males and also females; all aspiring to make it to the big leagues at some point in their career.

If your young daughter also dreams of making it to the biggest stage and earn a name for herself, then as a parent you feel more than obligated to assist her in whatever way you can.

One way by which you can help your young AFL superstar shine above the rest is buying her the Ladies Leather Australian Rules One Touch Training Football Size 4. This training ball resembles the official ball size regularly used in all U-14 girls and ladies AFL games held all across Australia. And it will help increase her footy skills quickly and transform her into a complete player.

Most renowned Head AFL Coaches, even seasoned players regard this training ball size 4 as the perfect way to develop all game skills.

And in support of their opinions, here are 4 Clear Reasons Why You Should Think Of Purchasing This for Your Little AFL Superstar!

  • Size 4 AFL Women’s Ball Improves Your AFL Skills Fast

With this top AFL training kit, your daughter will quickly learn and master all the key game skills there is to make it to the biggest stage. Using it; your daughter can learn to kick (using both feet), learn to handball, bounce the ball, mark the ball (while running), and dramatically improve her hand-foot/eye coordination, the more she trains with it.

In addition; by practising with this quality training kit; your daughter can also improve her other skill set like – her confidence, reflexes, physical strength, fitness, speed, reaction time, and ball control!

Each of these skills can take players months to perfect. But with this super AFL trainer; your daughter can master her game skills within a month and even leave her coaches in utter disbelief.

  • It Comes With A Wrist Attachment Which Prevents It From Going Over The Fence

This top-selling AFL training ball on a string is very easy to use even for beginners. As its name suggests, it comes with a durable wrist band which players have to attach on the side they are more comfortable kicking.

Example- a left-footer will attach it to her/his left arm and vice-versa.

Plus, this wrist attachment also prevents the ball from flying over the fence and into the street. This is one convenience which your daughter will surely love particularly if she trains rigorously in the backyard whenever she manages time.

No matter how hard she kicks it, the ball will always come back and help her improve not just her important game skills, but also her reaction and agility.

  • It Is Water-Resistant And Impressively Durable

This quality AFL ball on a string is designed with quality leather and 3ply PVC. This makes this training ball water-resistant and impressively durable. No matter how many times she kicks it or how many hours she trains with it; this ball will continue proving to be her more reliable training partner.

  • Also Features Height Adjusting Rubber Tether For Handball Practicing

Proper handball skills are crucial game skills which your young daughter needs to master if she wants to become a complete player. And to help her do that, this Australian-designed AFL training ball size 4 comes with suitable height adjustment rubber tether.

You daughter easily adjust the height, shorten it and bring it closer to her body for practising faster and more extreme handball training.

Each of these reasons makes it pretty clear that this AFL Training Ball Size 4 is a must-have for your daughter who aspires to be an AFL star.

So without thinking too much, hurry and order this wonderful training kit from That Training Ball – your reliable training ball store and allow your daughter to build her championship skills faster!

Prices are reasonable with free shipping.

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