Why One Touch Trailing Footballs are a MUST for a Trainee Who Is Learning Football Skills?

One Touch is one of the most coveted names when we discuss AFL training balls of various sizes and weights for different age groups. We at That Training Ball come up with a wide range of these balls that are qualitatively excellent and are next to none when it comes to offering training facilities to the trainees.

Here on this page, we take a bird’s eye view of all the One Touch footballs that are used by trainees of various age groups.

One Touch Size 4 Training Footballs

This particular variety of training football comes in high quality leather and is suitable for trainees of the age group between 13 and 16 years. The high-quality leather makes it a lightweight one, so much so that a trainee of this age group does not feel any problem dealing with it. It comes with a bungee cord attached to it and the cord’s length can be altered as per the needs. While one end is attached to the ball the other end is attached with a wearable jacket.

One Touch Training Football for Men

Again, this is another variety of One Touch AFL ball, which is designed to be used by men aged 17 years and above. Thus, this is a ball to be used by the grownups, once they have mastered the rudimentary footballing skill. Again, this ball is made up of high-quality leather, which makes it easier to handle regardless of the pitch and weather conditions.

Again, just like the previous version, this variety also comes up with a bungee cord the length of which can be altered as per the requirement.

Ladies and Girls’ OneTouch Training Football Size 4

This is yet another variety of One Touch football made up of high-end leather. It is meant for trainees above the age of 15. Again, this ball comes up with an adjustable bungee cord and is perfect for learning the basic skills for AFL. It helps in increasing agility and speed, with the ball skills like throwing, catching, and running with the ball and the likes. Again, the high quality of leather used to manufacture the ball ensures that it follows a true flight path when in the air so that the trainees do not have any issue in ascertaining their flight path.

Junior Australian One Touch Training Ball

This One Touch Training ball is meant for trainees between 7 and 12. As an exception, this particular variety from One Touch is not leather but synthetic, though other features are more or less identical. Again, the high of synthetic makes the ball pretty lightweight and does not alter when it is being used in wet conditions. Again, it comes with an adjustable bungee cord and is an excellent product when it comes to learning the rudimentary skills of AFL football.

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