How Can You Let Your MOD size Pro Grip Rugby League Ball Last Long?

“Well, this is the 4th rugby ball I had bought my 10-year-old son, Priam. He is a hardcore rugby fan and has recently joined a local coaching centre in Bankstown in Sydney, with a dream of making it to Sydney Swans, his favourite club some day.

In the exuberance of making it to the big league, he practices a bit too hard these days, and that has led to literal ‘destruction’ of 3 rugby training balls.

At last, I had bought the 4th one from That Training Ball. It is a MOD size Pro Grip Ball, and it has now lasted long enough! It’s partially as the ball of is exceptionally high quality and partly as the experts from the company told me how to take care of these rugby training balls in Australia so that they last long!”

That was what one Brenda Thorpe from Sydney had to say, who had bought her kid a MOD size Pro Grip Rugby League Ball from our online store.

Yes! That is what we mean. We do not stop short of assisting our customers even it has to do with issues likes how to take care of the training rugby balls. It indeed is a pretty critical issue, and it determines how long your ball will last.

The Basic Knowledge

Every rugby league ball that is used in the AFL league is of the highest quality. Hence, the pros perhaps do not have to take intensive care of those balls. However, when it comes to taking care of the training balls, it’s a different ball game. You need to make sure that you do something that will extend its life.

Cleaning, wiping and drying the balls after use will ensure that the grips stay in their prime condition and for long! Also, you need to store them sensibly when it is not used.

The Cleaning Principles

After a training session, your rugby ball needs a good clean. Since its an all-weather game, when the conditions are muddy and murky, the ball needs cleaning more badly. Wash it off thoroughly to get rid of the dirt and mud, and then wipe it off with a piece of rag and store it in an open place. Here are the steps you need to take:

  • After the match or the training session, wipe the ball with a wet cloth or wash it thoroughly in running water
  • You can also use a little bit of detergent or soap
  • Wipe the ball once more with the wet piece of rag or wash it thoroughly
  • Pat it thoroughly using a dry, clean towel and leave it for a ‘warm dry’, in a well-ventilated place.
  • Once it has dried completely, store it properly in a place that is designed to be used for storing rugby balls. Using ventilated side panels is the best option.

The Issue of Temperature

After you buy a training rugby ball, you need to consider the temperature factor. Do not keep it exposed to elements in chill winters or harsh summers. Store it in a well-ventilated space away from chill or sunlight.

Check its air pressure regularly. High-quality balls are designed to release air pressure slowly. Hence, you need to re-inflate the ball regularly to keep it in top shape.

Well, that’s the advantage when you buy stuff from us. We not only sell them but tell you how to maintain them. If you are in search of a rugby ball just call us up at That Training Ball. We will help you in the way we can – to the fullest!

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