Inflate Football With Inflation Needle 36Mm Long – Non Return Valve X 3

Over the span of use, a football gets flat, and to keep the recommend football pressure, you have to inflate it using a pump. The pump uses a low-pressure gauge and long needle. However, experts recommend not to use a bike pump to inflate a football.

Here’s how to inflate the football: Find the PSI or BAR, it will tell you how much pressure to use during the inflation. During the inflation, you will get to see these two units of measurement and often found in football’s instruction manual. In case of a worn football, whose number is not visible, you can measure it with respect to the size of the football-

  • Size 3: 0.5-0.7 BAR stands for 7.2-10.1 P.S.I
  • Size 4: 0.7-0.8 BAR comes for 10.1-11.6 P.S.I
  • Size 5: 0.8- 1.0 BAR means 11.6- 14.5 P.S.I

However, it is to remember that it takes 14.5 P.S.I for 1 BAR.

Roll the ball: If you find the ball is entirely flat, footy training experts recommend to roll the ball around with your hands to manipulate the ball and eliminate the prominent folds from the surface.

Remove the bladder away from the valve: The bladder makes the space for the needle to get into for inflation without causing any puncture. When you hold up the football, shake it around, tap it and you will get the bladder away from the valve.

Don’t forget to moisten the needle: Apply 2-3 drops of lubricant on the needle with your finger and make sure the needle is lubricated. You can find glycerin or silicone sprays that are designed explicitly for the AFL valve. In case, you can’t find any lubricant, dip the needle in the water.

Push the long needle into the pump: On your air pump hose, you will find an attachment, where the needle is attached. Insert the needle into the area of pump and slide in with little resistance and put some force to get it. Once the needle is entirely in the valve, start inflating the football.

Inflate according to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure: What AFL football trainers suggest is keep pumping the air until the gauge on the pump shows the required BAR or P.S.I. If your football needs air pressure between 7.2-10.1 P.S.I, you have to keep pumping until the gauge comes between those numbers. Remove the needle quickly, when the desired pressure is reached.

Remember to re-inflate the football before each use: Each time you use the football, check the BAR and maintain the optimal pressure to keep your footy performance in the peak condition.

Maintain the football: Did you know throwing the football at an asphalt or wall will damage it? If it gets broken, it will be difficult to restore. Throwing or catching the football is okay, but spare hitting it on the hard surface. Before storing the football, use wet cloth or towel to get rid of mud or dirt from the football. Abrasive cleaners can damage the stitching or outer layer of the ball.

Lastly, store the football in a cool and dry place, since the moisture on the football or excessive heat can lead to cracking and shrinkage of the ball surface.

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