Guaranteed No Stress Training with Rugby League Training Equipment from That Training Ball

Undoubtedly, the growing craze of the sport of rugby amongst the youth has made several companies to bring in value and quality products to hone the skill of the rugby aspirants. We, at That Training Ball, is catering to all the possible products that would assist the aspirants in fulfilling their dreams.

We have in our store the rugby league training equipment like 2 BALLS – 1 X RUGBY BALL – PLUS – 1 X MOD TRAINING BALL WITH CORD suitable for players of AGES 6 TO 14 YEARS; RUGBY TRAINING BALL – MOD SIZE suitable for PLAYERS of 5 -13 YEARS; RUGBY BALLS FULL SIZE 3 X NEW FOOTBALLS. Each of the products that we sell has its specification and is considered a reliable training partner at every stage.

What is so Special about Our Products

Each of the products that we deal with meets the quality standard and the requirement of every individual. We make sure that these rugby league training aids bring out the best from you. As far as the products are considered, these stand fantastic as a gift and as training equipment.

Moving on to the other specifications, we have the best quality Rugby League Balls that have the right MOD size. The fantastic standard helps the trainee to train themselves in kicking, catching, passing the ball more efficiently.

The comfort of every player has been kept in mind. It is why the balls are attached with a bungee cord that gives a stretch of up to 4 meters during the practice. Being comfortably tied at the wrist, it helps the trainee to flex their footy moves.

Advantages of Training with the Rugby Ball

The following are some of the benefits of training with the quality rugby ball from That Training Ball-

Pro Grip Finish for Improved Grip

Practice won’t be worthy if the ball is not gripped correctly. Therefore, the rugby ball has a comfortable wrist band with the good quality hard wearing bungee cord to ascertain that the ball always remains in control of the trainee. For those who are left-footer, the band is to be attached to the left wrist and those who are right footy; it is to be attached to the right foot.

Durable Material

The pass master footballs are designed as per the Australian standards and are made of durable extremely materials. This makes it a perfect choice for the footballer players across schools and junior clubs.

Accessories Supplied with the Football

At That Training Ball, we take care of all your needs. Therefore, we make sure that the rugby training equipment in Australia that we supply come with all the kit to assist you during training. The rugby ball you purchase from us comes with free inflation needle to ensure that you do not train with the deflated football.


The right equipment from us will always ease your stress of training. Therefore, we have in our stock the balls suitable for every individual.

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