Why Size And Pimples Matter When You Buy Training Rugby Ball

If you have thought of buying a training rugby ball for your kid is as easy as it can be, you are wrong! In fact, people who think the process to be icing on the cake are regularly caught off guard.

Remember, getting the right training ball in every kind of game is the very first step in the making of a player – more so in a power-packed team game like Rugby. Hence, it has to be correct at any cost. So what is the best way to get a perfect rugby training ball? Admittedly, it involves turning to the most experienced and reputed name to get the ball. Take for instance, That Training Ball. With us, you will find the right kind of training balls for you kid that will help in getting a better hold on things regarding this fascinating game.

Again, while we surely do our part, you have your role to play to know the details of a training ball. It will help you understand how things work. It will further let you buy the ideal training rugby ball from us in a perfect way, as we assist you in having the best deal.

The Size…


The training balls come in two sizes – the size 5, which is the full-size ball and the moderate size, which is suitable for kids between 5 to 13 years. Hence, you have to decide upon the size, taking into account the age of the trainee.

The Grip…


You MUST pay attention to the grip of the ball. It makes a HUGE difference, during the training period of young players. A textured grip with those ‘pimples’ will provide the trainees with a ‘true’ grip on the ball regardless of the pitch and the weather conditions. The spacing, depth, and the shape of these pimples will determine the performance of the ball in various conditions. In fact, it is a proper grip that determines a lot when it comes to the making of a better player.

Gripping is a part of training as it will determine the right balance between how easily one can catch a ball, and how far it can be kicked or passed. Of course, it also determines how the ball behaves in windy and wet conditions.

While a ball with higher pimples will give a better grip, it will make the ball heavier and will reduce the passing or kicking distance by a significant amount. Just the opposite happens when the pimples are shorter. So the right balance has to be struck.

Pimples with lower profiles and rounder shapes generally last longer than their higher counterparts. Some balls come up with angular pimples, but they will give lesser grips.

That is the reason you need to get in touch with us and discuss the type of grip you would prefer for your kid and our experts will be right there to assist you. Discuss this with your kid’s trainee and then to our experts to pick an accurate ball from our training ball store. It will help you a lot.

There are other things to discuss – like the bladder and the panel construction. Let us discuss them sometime later! As of now, get in touch with That Training Ball to know further about the grip and size of a rugby training ball.

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