RUGBY Training Balls-On-A-String: Your Best Training Mate!

Rugby is one power-packed game requiring lots of strength, endurance and skills. It also requires players to have good reaction time and impressive agility when taking the ball in-possession and hurling towards the goal post!

However, ask any seasoned player, and they will tell you the key to perfecting your Rugby game is to polish those basic skills.

Those Include:

  • Proper ball control.
  • Eye-foot coordination.
  • Playing and passing properly.
  • Tackling and running while going sideways, forward or even backwards.

With all this, aspiring Rugby players should be fueled with an abundance of confidence particularly with colliding against other players and securing the point.

Fortunately, “That Training Ball”; your one-stop shop for Rugby balls online offers young rugby players the perfect training mate. Each of our training balls-on-a-string is prepared with a durable pro-grip material that makes them super resistant to wear and tear.

Much like our soccer training balls, our rugby balls come with a bungee cord (approximately 4 metres) and a comfortable wrist band. The ball is connected to the cord with a metal swivel which permits it to spin.

If you age somewhere between 5-13 years-of-age, then our training balls will your best asset to perfect those basic game skills.

2 Of Our Very Best Options FOR YOU!

Rugby Training Ball For Players 5-13-Years Of Age:


Perfecting the basics is what all aspiring little rugby players should aim to do. And serving as their best practising mate, this Rugby training ball proves great for those basic drills like passing, catching, kicking and drop-kicking for goal, grubber kicking, etc.

Plus, it also helps build up confidence in you to succeed at any level and under high pressure.

The metal swivel attaches comfortably to your wrist and gives you complete control over the ball’s movements. Its bungee cord measures approximately 1.4cms and when stretched reaches to 3m.

The weight of this Rugby training ball is around 450 kg, and its dimensions measure 300x150x 150cms.

These reasons prove enough for you to buy thistraining Rugby ball and perfect your basic skill level.

2 Sets Of Rugby Training Balls With Cord For Players 6-14-Years-Of-Age.

pass master ball

This set comes with two quality junior rugby balls- one with a bungee cord and one as a mod rugby ball without any cord.

The ball allows you to train in your backyard or nearby park, and you don’t need to worry about the ball getting lost of worn out with excessive kicking. Coming at an appropriate size for most 5-13 years, it proves appropriate for perfecting skills like passing, kicking, catching, etc.

You can train with it everyday, for as long as you want, and the results will be seen. The weight of this ball is 400kg, and its dimensions measure 300x150x 15cm.

Final Words:

“That Training Ball”;your reliable Rugby training ball store promises that both these pass master Rugby training balls will meet your needs perfectly. It will boost up your agility and take your game skills to a new level.

Feel free to visit our site and check them out for yourself.

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