Why Buy These 3 Pass Master Soccer Training Balls From “That Training Ball”?

Kids love outdoor games. They like running around, shouting excitedly and being competitive with the other players on the field. Perhaps this is why they have a special kind of connection to soccer.

But the game involves more than ball-chasing or tackling other players. It is about controlling the ball, giving quick responses in the game and being more confident in their passing and dribbling skills.

All this comes with proper coaching and a lot of practice. Fortunately, there are numerous soccer training balls for you to bring home for your kid to better their skills as a player.

No need to spend big on a quality coach or a training institution. Just attach the wrist band on the side your kid is comfortable kicking and allow them to begin their training drills.

With These Quality Soccer Training Balls-On-a-String:

  • Players can increase their reaction time
  • They can improve their foot-eye coordination
  • Practice in their own backyard (as long as they want).

More good news is ‘That Training Ball” offers you quality and durable Pass Master soccer training balls at reasonable rates. Each of our training balls is designed for players of all ages and will help aspiring footballers to develop their athletic skills.

Here’s a look at the top 3 soccer trainer ball-on-a-string which you can purchase for your little soccer-stars.



This soccer training equipment is perfect for players between 8-11-years wanting to improve their basic kicking, throwing and dribbling techniques. This ball comes equipped with 2x chrome plated swivels to prevent twisting of the bungee cord and a comfortable wrist band.

  • Its circumference measures 23-24 inches and weighs around 11-12 ounces.
  • The cord measurement is approximately 1.8m, and when kicked it can stretch to 4.7m.
  • It is also designed using PVC synthetic leather ball with Butyl bladder for longer and better retention.

2. SOCCER BALL SIZE SIZE 4 TRAINING BALL- (for 9-11 year-olds)


For kids aged between 9-11-years, this standard size 4 training soccer ball comes with a circumference of 25-26 inches. It is also lightweight weighing only 11-13 ounces.

  • The ball is designed in a way that it doesn’t fly over the fence or on to the road when kicked forcefully.
  • Players can better their throwing skills with power and accuracy
  • Plus, goalies can also enhance their kicking and catching techniques to avoid any match blunders.
  • The cord measures 1.7m and when kicked will stretch up to 4.5 m.

3. PRACTICE SOCCER BALL SIZE 5 TRAINING BALL, DELUX MODEL- for (11-year-olds to adult players)


This soccer training ball has been designed for 11-year-olds to adult players. It proves to be a worthy friend to train and improve anticipation, sensory coordination skills- kicking, passing, dribbling, throwing, foot-eye coordination and other key game skills.

  • Its bungee cord attached measures 1.9m, and when kicked it stretches to 4ms.
  • This Pass Master Deluxe trainer ball comes with a 2x chrome swivels, which helps prevent any twisting of the bungee cord.
  • The weight of this trainer ball is around 0.470kg
  • And its overall dimension measures- 25*15*12cms

As per customer reviews, each of these best-in-class soccer training equipment has received positive feedback from its buyers. Plus, they are reasonably priced to meet your budget.

So, get through to us at “That Training Ball” and pick from our exciting product catalogue. Using our training balls your kid’s skills will reach a new level.

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