How Quality Training Balls Help 5 to 8-year-olds Master Passing and Handling Skills?

One of the best ways to make 5 to 8-year-old kids the masters of the game of rugby is to help them learn the passing and handling skills. In fact, this is one of the very early chapters that the coaches deal with before they opt for more in–depth technicalities. Thus, these would need, besides a quality coach, the best training balls suitable for their age group. Take, for instance, the one touch Ross Faulkner AFL ball for kids that we at That Training Ball offer. The quality and the weight of these balls are perfectly suited for the kids of this age group, and this helps them to master the skill pretty easily. 

Core Three – Handling, Running, and Support Drills

These are the executive core skills that the kids have to master so that they can contest with their opponents and emerge as victors in a closely contested match situation. The skills involve mastering the skills to deal with retaining possession of the ball, running with the ball, and lending support to their teammates by receiving the ball quickly, and instantly passing it onto others to avoid tracking. Now all these should work pretty fast and in close coordination with each other, so much so that the rhythm, the flow, and the speed of the attack are never broken to give the opponent defenders enough time to defend. This entire set-piece movement is based on the ball releasing, handling, and grasping skills of the players. When the kids of that age group train with the high-quality Ross Faulkner balls, the uniform shape, size, and the appropriate weight of the ball will help them master these skills pretty fast. 

Handling Booster

Handling booster drills conducted by the coaches go a long way to coordinate the kids with each other and help them master their ball-handling skills and generate pace onto the ball as they pass or throw it. These skills will make an attack much faster, effective, and more penetrating, more so when it comes to piercing the deep defence of the opponent during a match. Accurate passing is extremely essential for maintaining the flow of the attacking move, which will be capable of exploiting the mismatches of the opponents and the resulting gap in the defence and the open spaces in the opponent’s half. 

Again, the weight of the ball, the stitches, and the material that the ball is made up of will determine the flight of the ball in the air, and its behaviour in various weather and pitch conditions. Ross Faulkner AFL ball for men as well as their counterparts for kids come with high-quality materials and embedded stitches so that there is no change in behaviour in windy and heavy conditions. While the embedded stitches will avoid unnecessary friction with the air at bay, good quality body material and shape will stop it from being heavier than normal in wet and muddy conditions. This helps the kids to master these skills fast and turn into complete players rather quickly.

Thus you see, when you get in touch with That Training Ball, you get the best ball for your kids to train and fulfill their aspirations to become a complete Rugby player.

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