The Role of Size 4 Ross Faulkner AFL Balls for Ladies in Handling Drills

Handling in the game of rugby is all about how a player would hold, catch, and run with the ball. Mastering the techniques of carrying the ball should include using the fingers while dealing with the ball and running with it in hand. The fingers have to be spread out, as per the shape of the ball, with the fingers resembling a cage-like figure around the entire ball. 

Thus you see, the ball’s quality, shape and size, and weight will come into play in a significant way. This is where a size 4 women’s Rugby Training ball will come into play with its high-quality material, manageable size and grip, and modest weight that fits in the age group of ladies’ the ball is meant for. 

What are the drills are all about? 

The drills are essentially meant to increase the ability to pass, receive and move the ball from the kicks and throws using the 3v2v2 and the competitive passing drills. These drills would come in handy in developing the skill to hold the ball in two and even in one hand and run, protecting it from the opponent team members as an attack is being executed. Again, in this, the quality of the training ball will come into play. When a quality ball is being used in training, it helps the trainees to master the techniques. 

The drill comes in various sections…

  • 3v3v2 
  • Beating the defence 
  • Regaining the possession
  • 1v2
  • 2v1 around the ball
  • 2v1 relay 
  • 3v1 Grid 
  • 3v2 multiple 
  • 4v2 attacking grid 
  • Ball presentation
  • Blind Catching the ball 
  • Catching and passing 
  • Clearing and tackling 
  • Clockwork passing 
  • Collecting and continuous passing ….and the like

What the grip of the ball has to do with the drill? 

The Ross Faulkner AFL balls for ladies come with a fantastic grip, which helps in all these and many other stages of the drill in a perfect way. This uniform grip of the ball will help the trainees better control the ball while receiving the ball on the run, retaining the ball in one or two hands during the run, and passing the ball during the run to avert the tackles. 

How the high quality of the material helps 

The high quality of the material that the ball is made up of will go a long way in helping the trainees mastering the skills. For instance, the material makes the ball lightweight and allows the ball remain unaffected in wet conditions. Besides, as the ball remains uniform in the behaviour, it will help the trainees master the skills faster than they would have if they had become heavier in wet conditions. 

Besides, the superior quality of the balls will enhance the gripping skills, which will, in turn, improve the reflexes of the players, helping them to make adjustments in a split second. 

Thus you see, our training balls from That Training Ball come in handy in exercising these drills. If you are to order them online, call us at 02 93993575 or 0490 388 954 if you call from Australia, or (Ph) 0061 2 93993575 or (Mob) 0061 490388954 if you are calling from abroad.

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