How to take care of your One Touch Football? Some Useful Tips

If you want your kids to master the technicalities of the game of rugby and grow up to be a successful professional, you need to arrange for your kids the best training rugby ball. What better option do you have than the One Touch rugby balls? With a wide range of products available, you can select the one that will suit your kid, boy or a girl, depending on his or her age group. And where can you get them from, other than That Training Ball? However, your task is only half done, once you have got in touch with us and have acquired the ball of your choice. You need to ensure that the ball is well maintained and lasts long, thus serving your kid for several seasons.

For that, you need to maintain the ball properly. We would suggest you to take care of the ball in the following ways.


Do not forget to clean the ball after each training session. You should have the One Touch football cleaned thoroughly, to remove any mud or residue thereof. To do this, you need to use a soft cloth, and a solution of light detergent and warm water, which will ensure that the grip is kept at its optimal condition, thereby helping your kid during the training session and helping him or her to learn the art of gripping.

Here, it needs to be noted that after the outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic, it has become all the more crucial to use soapy water for cleaning your rugby ball, as it will effectively kill every type of virus, bacteria and other pollutants. That’s why, you must use standard hand soap based products as they are perfectly adequate to negate any probability of contamination whatsoever. And this cleaning needs to be done at regular intervals during the training session in the present scenario.

Some  4 key related points to remember….

  • Soapy water is excellent when it comes to killing all viruses including the Coronavirus.
  • Personal hand hygiene in during training is necessary
  • Every ball used in the training needs to be cleaned with soapy water during training sessions and ensure that your kids do not put their mouthguard back in, without property cleaning them once they have brought it out.

Checking the Air Pressure and Inflation

In order to ensure the One Touch AFL Ball that you have opted for performs to its potential, it is important that you do not over inflate the ball for your kids and then decrease the pressure less than the prescribed pressure. This will cause your ball to lose its shape and that will seriously affect its performance on the pitch and in the air. Once you have overinflated the ball, it will never return to its normal, optimal, intended shape.

Thus, before use, it is important to check the pressure of the ball and adjust it accordingly, as slight variations of the air pressure can take place depending upon the materials the bladder is made up and the prevailing climate conditions.


Last but not the least, when it comes to storing, you must ensure to store the ball in optimum conditions for prolonging its life. You need to keep it in a dry environment. Though these balls are not to be affected by water, if kept in damp settings, water droplets will start accumulating inside, thus eventually increasing the weight of the ball. This will ultimately affect the balls behaviour during the practice.

Thus you see, if you are to keep the One Touch Rugby balls that you have collected from us in topmost condition and make the most of it, you need to follow a few steps. If you still have not got one from That Training Ball, call us at 02 93993575 or 0490 388 954. If you are an overseas customer, call us at 0061 490388954 or 0061 2 93993575.

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