One Touch Training Rugby Ball Size 4 – Why Size Does Matter?

We at That Training Ball come up with various sizes of football training balls, for trainees of various age groups. For instance, when we take into account the Size 4 AFL training football it’s meant for ladies as well as teenage boys.

In other words, this particular ball is designed to be dealt with by ladies and teenage boys. The weight and the technical specifications are tailor-made for them only.

Why is specificity needed?

When it comes to training, the budding players need to deal with nothing but the perfect stuff. The reason is simple. The trainees tend to start getting their lessons right from scratch and without any prior notion about the technicalities of the game, or any stronghold on the game. Thus, they need to have the right training ball that should be perfect for them to handle and have the perfect weight to deal with.

This helps to learn the techniques of the game, get accustomed to the basic skills and master them with time. The perfect size and shape and the weight of the One Touch AFL ball that suit them play a perfect role in the grooming of the budding trainee. Any mismatch in this regard will leave a lacuna in the lessons and the trainee will end up with faulty lessons that may hinder his or her growth as a player.

The accessories make a difference

This particular One Touch Football comes up with a bungee cord, one part of which is attached to a wearable vest while the other end of attached to the ball and this cord is adjustable in terms of length and this helps the trainees to adjust the length while practicing teeing, throwing, receiving the ball anywhere, without the fear of losing the ball or the ball going over to the neighbour’s property and breaking windows panes, while practicing in the backyard.

The weight and the material

The material it is made up of makes it lightweight and thus really helps the trainees to learn the basics of ball control skills and master it. With the ball showing no false behaviour even in wet conditions, the trainees gain confidence very quickly while training under various conditions, thus are able to master the skills pretty fast. The proper size helps them to handle the balls pro properly as well, during the training.

The Bright Colour helps

Though it does not have any connection with the size, still it’s something that needs to be discussed, we reckon, on this page. The bright red shade of the ball makes it better visible in various pitch conditions. Since the trainees are still in the process of developing their hand-eye coordination, the bright red balls go a long way in developing that much-required coordination under various pitch and weather conditions.

Moreover, the true behaviour of the ball off the air, along with that brightness, contributes to the development of that confidence in the psyche of the trainees in a great way, thus, making them the perfect ball in the market. To purchase the ball online, call That Training Ball at 02 93993575 (Telephone) or 0490 388 954 (Mobile). If you stay abroad, call us at 0061 490388954 (Mobile) or 0061 293993575 (Telephone).

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